• b1kjsh

    hmm… what happened to this post… it looks like the links are broken to the included ableton set…

  • chris

    don’t drink and drive, and don’t do any day without an lol.
    btw: yesterday, it was full moon and friday the 13, and i’m still alive

    • chris

      any day without an lol starts the depressionface of your partner (scnr)

      • chris


        …hello, is there any body out there?

        i’m only with some freak here

  • JohnLElkins

    Then the encoder turn is used to apply several other effects post-loop. This allows for creative on-the-fly loop-catching and then further processing. http://0rz.tw/vB6uT

  • http://Www.djstrategy.de/ Onno Kaell

    Are those “regular” Chroma Caps Encoder Knobs” that are used on the Midifighter Twister?
    If so – PLEASE start selling those WHITE ones in your webstore!!!

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