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  • http://www.d-jam.com D-Jam

    I agree with a lot that he said. I think it’s ridiculous to hold on to analog media as some “digital is cheating” mentality. You should play analog because you like it and prefer it, but if you really are holding away from digital, sync, etc…because you fear being chastised by a few, then grow a thick skin and get over it. Make amazing sets and no one will be able to ridicule on the “how”…unless you’re playing pre-made sets (or stealing them).

    I also agree deeply with how disposable music has become. I’ve been watching this for a while now, when I’d have peers get on me to have a full new playlist literally every month. It’s no wonder so much music because forgettable after 2000.

  • Jean Marc Lavoie

    Definitely a legend but I have to ask, is he using sync in the video of him playing at Space?

    • khaiyin

      All syncs are on, yes. But it makes so much sense for him to be doing so. It’s a mundane task at his level and doing it for 4 decks?… Saves a lot of time on a chore that’s below him.

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  • DjFIL

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • René via ‘Allo ‘Allo


  • Santiago Paramo

    Good one! thanks guys!

  • Neil Walker

    I met Felix after he played at the Arches in Glasgow a few years back. I was staying in the same hotel and bumped into him in the lobby, he invited me and my girlfriend up to his suite for a smoke. Genuinely the nicest and most chill guy ever.

  • Mike

    Felix Da mothafuckin chillingest Cat evar!

  • Tom Wenger

    yo that’s good shit ! too bad he doesn’t show his setup !

  • bigbeatzz

    Great interview, more like this please.

  • Chris Brackley

    What an absolute legend that guy is. Love his music, love his attitude.

  • chris

    oh. at St. Pölten. at one of the biggest beer can trash partys in the world.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Great video! I love his takes on digital vs. analog, and love music vs. money music. Not to mention his story about coming to traktor. Makes my heart sing.