• rolimat

    Amaizing!! Congrats man!

  • Roy

    anyone know how he’s doing his looping inside ableton?

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  • Bas Vermolen

    Thanks for the spotlight guys. Been following DJTT for a while and it was a nice surprise to see our videos here.

  • Rachel

    Did anyone ever hear the band Bell Orchestre cover Aphex Twin?

  • stan theman

    a good cover of an electronic song:

  • Lance MacThrust

    That’s not a vibraphone, it’s a marimba.

  • TheLastExile

    The deathbox Kalimba put through the ‘blown out speaker’ simulator was awesome.

  • KIMchi kush

    this guy is sick

  • DJblackjack

    wow this is epic!

  • Mutis Mayfield

    “The dearly departed king of the rushed snare, J Dilla, was the honorary subject of Binks’ sixth “Beats Unraveled” installment—a live mixtape of Dilla’s famous instrumental sketches. This one goes everywhere: vocoder, live bass, drums, and more, all incredibly funky and soulful throughout, and replete with a hand-cranked siren.”
    And a Ms. Pinky vinyl in the turntable… Isn’t it?

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Live looping tooltablism :)

  • pruno38
  • KoenraadVDS

    SOooo imaginative

  • chris

    always i permute aphex twin with aphid moon

  • killmedj


  • michaelmatos

    Bloody amazing! So inspiring!