• Kutmaster TeeOh

    I’m hoping for a new wave of the 3700s & 3900s. And perhaps a new controller combining the 3900s with a mixing interface like the NS7 has.

  • master dj creative

    because they do an update of the denon s5000

    new computers are not the same as before

  • dj Mike

    I’m betting with inMusic and the Denon DJ brand that they crush Pioneer this year. Remember, Pioneer was about to drop their dj line till they released the controller..

  • Soundtraxx

    I’ll never understand why Numark get’s the red-headed stepchild treatment in this industry and Pioneer gets all these fan boys. I personally don’t care, Numark doesn’t pay me or anything, but I have been using their DJ gear since ’98 and all of it still works (except for some crossfader bleed on a mixer I’ve owned from the start).
    I was recently in the market to upgrade from my fully functioning NS6 which has seen over 2 years of mobile DJ gigs (this is not the only kind of DJing I do but it provides the bucks as well as the wear and tear for my equipment) and was comparing the DDJ-SZ/SX to the NS7 II and side by side, there is no comparison on build quality. Also my friend left his DDJ-SX in his car trunk for a few hours and the metal all warped, bottom won’t sit flat and the top bulged up above the performance pads. This could never happen to my Numark controllers because the metal plates aren’t just screwed onto the surface of the unit. Go to your local store and compare them.

  • http://just1friday.wordpress.com Just Friday

    Did I miss something or did you missed A&H? If I remembered well, A&H and Denon were parts of the same holding…

    • me

      D&M.a holding company, purchased a&h years ago and sold them off 2 years back

      • http://just1friday.wordpress.com Just Friday

        Cool… thanks!

  • Carl DjSupadan

    PIONEER n TECHNICS ……No other brand really matters.

    • Heidi

      Nice…two outdated names in one “almost” a sentence. What do you do for an encore. I agree with the other posters on this ribbon, with Inmusics resource for research and development, Numarks “mid-range” popularity and wide/common uptake by not only specialised DJ dealers but also the wider element of electronics shops already being sold Numark and Ion kit, and Denon DJs superior industry renowned unbeatable build quality and reliability above even the “standard” (yawn) DJ brand, I think that both us customers, and Inmusic themselves are onto a winner here.

  • jcb

    obviously denon run out of ideas and they give up. Pioneer is way ahead of them…

    • me

      No, actually Japan wasn’t allowed the funding to develop new products for Denon. Also,.if you knew anything about how this works, Bane Corporation owned D&M, also Guitar Center, Office Max, Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Staples. Of which, all are closing stores. Last week Guitar Center sold for .09 of the dollar that they owe in debt..

  • orge

    Would these products sit better under a Denon branding and/or benefit from Denon technology?


  • Dj Midosa

    I think that Denon lover’s will miss the “Denon” old days.

    • Steve Francesco

      If you mean the glory days back in the 90′s when the 2000f’s doors used to throw a mickey fit halfway though a night meaning that every club needed one or three spare units knocking round – then no :P .. it was never fun needing to “mic up” as you were trying to wing it though silence while playing on a single sided unit.

  • http://www.antifmradio.com/ antifm

    i gotta be honest and say that these companies and their directions (previously) has led me to believe the next big thing we will see out of them FIRST is going to be a full line of “APPS”

  • Hoff Man

    Exponent Mk 2 lol

  • Mark Smith

    I would redefine the place of Denon versus Numark within the Pro Audio DJ industry. I think Denon has a better shot at going after the higher end of the market than Numark.

    • Kutmaster TeeOh

      I agree but only with certain gear. The 3700s & 3900s are monster and some Denon mixers, but other than that they don’t have much. Numark is dominating very well in the controller market so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.