• ???? ????

    I’m not jumping off the Logic wagon yet. Bigwig looks promising, but it has also just been released to the public. I don’t expect magical things..

    It looks to me like a combination of Traktor Pro (dark grey with orange), Cubase and Logic for the browser and other functions, and Ableton for the arrangement. It could use some visual refinements, and support for more controllers and maybe plugins. That’s of course usually what happens when your programme is in its infancy stages. I think they’re personally charging double of what they should.

    I like the Linux integration, and it’s a great thing for someone with limited financial resources because your DAW is going to be the least expensive piece of software in your production toolbox most of the time. I on the other hand am using all Apple stuff now and since OSX is free bsd, I feel no need to download Ubuntu or some other distro (even though the idea sounds amasing because audacity to me is audacious) simply to see how this works on it.

    It’s a good thing there’s a demo version.

  • adomb

    when you start using it after ableton is a pleasure and the workflow is faster!it doesen,t suport au BUT it support 32 bit vst! my old keyboard with knob work just perfect and even the mapping is faster!

    and can apply th effect only at the effect is soooo crazy!we gonna hear some crazy thing from people using it!if you are happy ableton user switch now and you gonna be an in love bitwig user!

  • Stormshadow

    Does anybody know how the audio engines of these 2 DAWs compare? I mean as much as I use and love Live, there seems to be a slight “coloring” when recording outboard audio signal. Is Bitwig’s sound rendering more transparent or about the same?

  • Anselm

    The upcoming features of something like Reaktor/Max4Live and features for co-producing make it worth considering to support the company with a purchase now.
    The attention to stability, better latency compensation, overall attention to detail and many smart ideas already present in Bitwig 1.0 should give you an idea that the upcomming features will be as useful.

    • Juicy Jane

      i’m not gonna give em money for a 50% product so they have extra money to make it better… lets assume Bitwig is a car would you still buy a half finished car ? with a promise that it will be better soon but when this is you dont know.

  • Jules

    Great review, but you forgot to mention all the things that don’t work about the software, take a look at the Bitwig official forum in KVR: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=259

  • J Williams

    Downloading the demo today, I will give it a try. But I will not buy it until some of those important features are added(Rewire, AU support etc.). Never buy the first version. You are paying Bitwig to be a beta testers. Hopefully it can take off to give Ableton/ FL studios some more competition which equals wins for the consumers.

  • RDiiO

    Another overhyped review attempting to sell people on the overhyped Bitwig, it’s amazing how now all of a sudden Ableton is so limited and the DAW of the future is here in Bitwig, PLEASE STOP….Even with all the bells and whistles of Bitwig, Ableton is still light years ahead of Bitwig and it would be foolish to switch to a DAW that’s still in beta testing and releasing updates to fix things that should have been fixed over the two years that had to develop.

    Bottom line it’s over hyped and over priced, don’t waste your money.

    Here is a honest review of Bitwig Studio http://bit.ly/1hlZnKh

    • Perla

      Agree. Only and idiot with no idea about music software could buy a software that doesn’t even work as expected.

      • J Williams

        I like and use Ableton on some projects but its not the best and most useful DAW in world. Still in its 9th incarnation, its still has bugs. Ableton is great for EDM, b/c a lot of its users also use it for performances. But, if you are creating music using all generes, I think DAWs like FL Studios, Logic and Cubase are more useful than Ableton

    • pickmynose

      it doesn’t matter what you think… who gives a s_&!!! to each his own… you like ableton, then stick with it… I like Bitwig – thats what I will stick with… idiot!

      • RDiiO

        If what I said didn’t matter to you then you wouldn’t have responded sounding like a idiot on a opinion based board full of comments of duh OPINIONS…..Now go “pickyournose” and go make some music indicative of your troll comments

  • Juicy Jane

    I think the price is way 2 high… why should i buy this “beta” product if i can get Ableton Live for the same price. if it was like 50% off i would think about it but now i just see a ableton live clone that cost the same :D not that im not downloading the demo. coz i give everyone a fair change :D

  • Delia

    It looks pretty great but it has serious workflow showstoppers. I would wait at least a year to see if they can catch up with the missing stuff. Considering that they had a beta phase of 2 years and then released the product full of serious bugs, I can only assume they were in trouble and had to release it as it is. This market is a bitch and buzz doesn’t cut it. I’m not investing in their software until it’s pretty sure they can stay in business.

  • Theo

    Great review, but you forgot to mention that the program’s quality is pretty horrible. It’s not a full version yet, it’s still beta.

    • Theo

      It’s already 1.0.6 and it’s still broken everywhere.

      • Markkus Rovito

        I take your word for it. I used it for about 4 days straight for this review, and more after that, and I haven’t experienced any bugs. Of course it sounds like many people are having problems. If you want to give any details, and what system you’re using, I think the readers would be interested. Many thanks.

  • NKT

    Layered Editing has been a feature in FL Studio for a while now. It’s called Ghost Notes, you can also put an audio file behind your midi piano roll to assist with lining up notes with audio events. Seems like the Bitwig team took a little bit of everything lol

    • Markkus Rovito

      You’re absolutely right, but everyone borrows things in the software business.

  • Roguesy

    The big question is, What is this adding? What is the point of copying Ableton Live, when you’re not adding any extra value as an alternative, especially when this also lacks key features?

    • Jack g

      You can find out what Bitwig is adding by reading the article above!

      • Juicy Jane

        Jack you can still be nice and just answer the question! you don’t need to be a dick about it.

  • calgarc

    linux version 0_0… this will not get to leave ableton, seeing as it already does what i need, no point fixing what ain’t broken. but i would still try it on linux :D

  • Josie

    It’s definitely great but no rewire, no midi export, no AU usage, note
    expression only works with it’s instruments, midi controllers as you
    said (JAVA not) and some of the tools look cartoonish but I have to say
    it’s workflow is fantastic and the DAW is lots of fun to use if all
    those other things are implemented I can see it winning faster.

    • Dan White

      Yeah, it’s still missing a few key features – but for 1.0 release, not bad!

      • Rolex

        It’s not only missing features and very obvious stuff. The program is BETA and they are selling as a full release. It has loads of problems everywhere after 2 years of beta test (???)

        • Markkus Rovito

          Valid point for sure, but if you want to read the explanation for their long beta test period, their tech support manager explains it pretty well here: http://thefrontliner.com/interviews/sfotware/interview-bitwig-technical-support-manager-dominik-wilms-43051

          • Rolex

            Yes, I read it and it’s bollocks. Now they have all that amount of people flooding them with reports because the software is still beta. What you see today is nothing but a paid public beta testing. Not even the audio, a crucial part of the software, seems to work properly.

          • Markkus Rovito

            I haven’t had any audio problems; sorry to hear that you and others are. If you care to share some of the problems you’re having and whether you’re on Mac, PC or Linux, I and I think the readers would appreciate it.

  • Sin Sentido Comun

    This review is quite biased since it fails to adress big shortcomings: lack of midi routing, unable to resize mixer, no midi export, demo very limited, no multi audio outs for multi timbral VST, …

    • sammsousa

      no multi audio outs?? lol that is bad hahah
      i think bitwig is just way too overhyped at the moment, because nobody was shure if it would even come out… it might be a great software, and specially good for somebody starting out who wont miss any of those things, but for anybody that is not starting out, it seems like there are just still too many things missing…

      just like any other brand new software…give it some time! nerds will try it out anyway, give improvement tips, then they still gotta program everything in…release an update…im shure most of the readers use cracked software anyway, so until it gets cracked will also take more time…so basicly yeah, ppl should just wait (!!!)

  • midiman

    i thought bitwig was something simple to use like ableton with more advanced features but its not. after trying the demo i am a little bit confused. lots of nice features for sure but not easy to use. in ableton everything is one click away and everything is build logicaly. bitwig trys everything but in my opinion it fails..

    • Markkus Rovito

      That’s a totally valid opinion, but I actually did find it to be easier than Ableton, and I’ve been using Live on and off since version 1.

      • mandel

        It can’t be easier that Ableton because the workflow is carbon-copied from Ableton. And here’s the problem: they didn’t copy it 100%, so there are obvious things that were seriously overlooked.

    • retro

      midiman, I fully agree. Live design is excellent, it has a very clear vision. Bitwig tries to integrate lots of different things but it’s not very well curated and unified. They advertise a superior workflow but it actually has a lot of conceptual holes and inconsistencies. As an example, you don’t have swap buttons for sampler and drum machine, which means you have to drag miles every time you need to replace a sample. It’s annoying as hell and it slows you down. That’s a workflow step back and a clear show stopper. And there are more things that are really not well thought. small details that make a huge difference when you use the software.

  • Alex V

    Great review, I see some features in there that I didn’t even know about (like modulating a modulator). And the interface looks amazing. The upcoming native modular system looks really useful too, I have always felt that Max4Live is not well integrated. I have a feeling that these guys are going to eat Ableton’s lunch in the near future.

    • lorelei

      “I have a feeling that these guys are going to eat Ableton’s lunch in the near future”. Haha. Bitwig: 5 years of work and unable to deliver a finished software to the market (No undos for VSTs!!!!!!!!! along many other design flaws). Ableton is full of really smart people who knows how to design software and have 5 times more developers. Haha, keep dreaming.

      • Rocket lord

        ^ ableton no. 1 fan.

  • VSTL

    I’m aware that Bitwig may fall short of many things, MIDI, Rewire, AU, etc… However it’s done so many things right. I really appreciate that they took the time to code a new software from scratch that may be a better fit for some people like myself. Sure, I’d love all the bells and whistles, but they really accomplished something and created a real contender in the market. It changes the way I make music. I find myself laying down more tracks than normal and working on longer sessions because it is intuitive and it is quick. It’s something they done right. And I’m one happy camper. I know it may not be for everyone, but it is surely for me. It’s such a fresh breath of air to the stagnant DAW market. Maybe slim on features, but what’s there is done right.

  • David Schroeter

    Anyone know if MP3s are decoded to .wav in the background like Live or are they decoded on the fly?

    • Markkus Rovito

      Not sure David. I read the whole manual, and it’s not mentioned at all. You might as well ask them directly: http://www.bitwig.com/en/support/tech-support.html

      • David Schroeter

        Thanks, yeah, I asked about a week ago, no response. Someone smarter than me could probably monitor their system when they load an mp3 and see if a new temp file pops up. I checked by name and there’s no wav file named the same … would make Bitwig a more viable DJ setup for me than Live due to space issues.

        • Markkus Rovito

          Paging someone smarter than us!

          • Juicy Jane


        • Lobie

          Couldn’t you just load up a bunch of MP3s (like a few DJ sets maybe) and see if the amount of free space you have available on your HDD/SSD changes? Finding the decoded file itself shouldn’t be necessary if space if your concern.

          • David Schroeter

            Hey, thanks for bringing this back up – I got a response from Bitwig that they do decompress to wav, but unlike Ableton the files are in a randomly named file/folder structure, so they are tough to find. Hope this helps someone!

  • ? ??

    fuck this shit … give me another ableton Live!

  • killmedj

    No rewire is my biggest bugbear. it’s an essential part of my work flow, and it feels a bit arrogant of them to just leave it off, not to mention the lack of AU support. I was really looking forward to Bitwig but those 2 omissions really sucked my enthusiasm for it.

    • Markkus Rovito

      It’s true, those omissions will really stymie you if you rely on them, but I don’t think there’s ever been a 1.0 DAW that included the kitchen sink. Bitwig is a tiny company, and it will probably start out as a niche product until it has time to develop.

      • killmedj

        Yeah that a really good point. It is very early days.
        I think as far as rewire is concerned they have made the point that they have “no intention” to include it. I realise there’s other ways of doing it with jack connector etc bit it’s really not the same deal.
        But…. Like you say this is a 1.0 DAW. and I get the feeling I may be missing the point of Bitwig by trying to use it as new version Ableton.
        It’s definitely it’s own animal.

        • Markkus Rovito

          “No intention” for ReWire? That does suck, especially because the Nektar Panarama line of controllers are some of the only ones with deep integration for both Bitwig and Reason right now. Bitwig ReWired with Reason using a Panarama would be a killer setup. I hope they change their minds; basically everyone supports ReWire.

      • Juicy Jane

        The problem with this is it feels like the game industry. asking full prices for a beta product. ill wait till it is in sale ;)

  • Thomas Bekaert

    What about create groups of tracks? This is the feature I miss the most.

    • killmedj

      I think all audio can be routed to any track, meaning any track can be a bus or an aux.

      • Markkus Rovito

        You are correct, sir.