• Wuce Brayne (the Bitman)

    Just checking in to let the record show that he killed it at Moogfest. The videos here don’t do him justice, extremely good set and the man can work across so many genres. Would definitely pay to see him again.

  • RitmiMusic

    Does the Monome have any physical differences with other controllers like the MidiFighter and the launchpad, or is just a normal midi controller with cool buttons?

  • misksound

    excellent interview. Alfred’s seriously the nicest person on the planet. He’s pretty regularly on the monome forums as well. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t felt like monomes were simple (on the software end) to check out their latest app – their first standalone app that doesnt require max runtime – it’s called _sum and it’s kind of the shit. plug in a grid and go!


  • JPIC

    Dude’s got some cool philosophy, no doubt about that. I’ll be sure to keep a watch out for him.

  • Kio

    Who cares to watch electronic music being performed anyway? Get on the dance floor and enjoy yourself. Dance music is not a concert. It’s meant to dance to. Hence the name.

    • Ztronical

      Actually most that frequent djtt are interested in the performance and how the person creates the music/skill level. It’s how we all learn and make new music for people to enjoy, which can include dancing, driving,mingling.
      You should never tell anyone how to enjoy music. Or for that matter any art form.

  • Awesomer

    Daedelus is a class act, we chatted a few times as far back as 2004/2005 after little shows at the Hemlock or 111 Minna, before he was enjoying his current very deserved success. A nice, gentle guy who pushes the boundaries of music and technology? More please.

  • Dan Leach

    Great article! Interested to know how exactly the audience interaction is going to work…this could be the next evolution of live music.

  • superfly

    Saw him at the Getty in about 2005, he was using the older Monome pictured above, I literally chased him down after his show and just spit out, “What the hell is that?” That show and brief meeting with him totally spurred my interest in new types of gear and new ways of playing after 20+ years on turntables.

  • Sine of the Times

    Excellent article on my personal hero in the electronic music scene. He gave me my first ever vinyl record at a show in Eugene, we even chatted about his sample selection (Toro Y Moi and Grizzly Bear) after the show. Thrilled to see he’s getting more recognition.

    • Devin Crow

      You saw him in Eugene too?!?!? I had a chat with him as well, truly a great guy, there’s no ego in his performance, for him, it’s all about sharing with the audience, really great.

  • Jon

    Thanks for doing this interview, Daedelus Boiler Room videos are always inspiring; he’s just so into the music and what he’s doing, it comes across as extremely sincere and very “alive”.

    • Mario García

      Oh man i just watched his first boiler room set cos of your comment and oh my gaaad! so underrated artist

  • http://nicoledelamotte.com Nikki Delamotte

    Great interview!

  • monome256

    My want to note the monomer is not a “midi” controller is sends OSC data. Part of the OSC/serial apps suite will convert the output to midi.

    • Dan White

      Great point! OSC ? MIDI.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        While they are not the same (OSC is a more advanced protocol), they are all forms of Human Input Device which can be translated by almost every computer… with the right software and hardware ports.

        • Dallas

          MIDI or OSC are nothing to do with HID. HID (stands for Human INTERFACE Device) is just a type of computer devices (like CDC or Mass Storage devices). Sure you can send MIDI data to a computer using a HID device, but the standard protocol is rather the MIDI device (a sub class of the Audio device). Computers don’t need to translate anything since HID class just defines the way the device interacts with the computer, not the data transmitted.

  • GAR©ON

    He’s a cat-man, I’m a dog-man. We probably wouldn’t get along ;) . He talks sense though, so you never know.

  • Peon Golden


    • http://djsaintrob.com/ Saint Rob,Club mU

      are you for real?

      • Ztronical

        Peon does not understand, and sometimes ignorant people who don’t understand say ignorant things.

        • Oddie O’Phyle

          the fact that his name is “peon” kinda says it all.

  • Ian Golden


  • maxxify

    Awesome spotlight on one of the best Monome users out there – do one with Edison next!