• souaf

    sorry, but this max devices are natively with albleton, or i have to download them ?
    Because, my m4L content (max audio effect, max instrument, max midi effect) is empty…

  • decon

    Great to see some more Max4Live posts. Keep it up!

  • freddyfrogs

    Question: what does the multimap device bring to the table since i could multimap my controller to all these parameters using one single dial or fader? i understand it could be usefull in the studio for production but on stage i would not need it would I ?

    • Sebastian Cavolina

      yep, you could make a chained effect. like a one-knob buildup. Bass Kleph does this

      • http://www.cphas.co.uk Peter Morris

        True in terms of MIDI controllers but it enable you to send the output of other devices like the LFO say to multiple destinations.

        • Sebastian Cavolina

          Yep, it’s like an Ableton rack knob on steroids

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    ooouh….Multimap…. Knob-twister’s holy grail!

  • leavesremix

    Can’t you do all of these w/o max4live? the only one i’m not sure about is the convolution reverb, but I’m pretty sure you can do the rest with ableton’s own devices.

    • http://jeffkocan.com/ jeffk

      Live definitely doesn’t have a standalone LFO outside of Max—that in itself is a huge plus (although maybe not worth the upgrade on its own, YMMV).

      • leavesremix

        plenty of the devices have their own lfo. but even if they don’t you could assign a knob or draw in the automation for the parameter you wish to modulate. though possibly not as easy or fun.

        • http://jeffkocan.com/ jeffk

          True in theory, but just having the LFO there to drop onto any track and assign to any parameter(s) is massively convenient.