• http://sonicfantasia.com/ http://sonicfantasia.com

    For easy remixing, the XW-J1 features advanced audio FX, auto-loop, a live sampler and scratch jogwheels.

  • calgarc

    lol the xone 23 video was cheesy… still an interesting product…

  • Dan White

    Pretty excited for the Rhythm Wolf IMO… anyone else gonna grab one?

    • http://djworx.com/ Mark Settle

      I daren’t. For the very same reasons I don’t have a Maschine. A productivity black hole would form around my desk. I would stop shaving, showering or generally interacting with the outside world.

    • https://soundcloud.com/sam-steensen samsteeno

      Oh yes. Analog for $199… might as well grab a couple!

    • J.sto

      patiently waiting for the wolf, its exactly what ive been looking for.

  • https://soundcloud.com/sam-steensen samsteeno

    Arturia need to bring out the ‘Brute’… A full size monster equivalent to a polyphonic MiniMoog.

  • Prof_Strangeman

    Loving that MPX16!!! Very cool.