New vid ! If you’re looking to learn some new tricks and tips on MASCHINE def watch this video. I tried to use maschine in a new aspect in which you wouldn’t see everyday. Hope you enjoy the new jonx! Dubstep and Hiphop ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9sneZajSMxg

  • Ryan Harvey

    May the RaffleCopter be in my favor!

  • ted

    would be so cool to win the maschine!!!Good luck

  • Foy Justice

    Best luck every one. Fingers crossed and ready to rock.

  • https://soundcloud.com/djshinstine Andrew Smith

    Been DJing for a while and I’d love to get into production!

  • jbad

    never won a contest before…this would make me the happiest person ever

  • kyle chumchal

    This giveaway is perfect I’ve wanted the Maschine and Komplete for a very long time now!

  • Balkstar

    Bass Kleph – what a fucking legend – and an awesome tutorial!

  • Balkstar

    That’s Mad Zach!

  • felix lenniger

    It would be AWESOME for my students to be albe to work with the new Maschine.

    • justi

      NI gives huge discounts to students in educational programs with music

      • Felix Lenniger

        Cool! Thanks for your reply.
        I will check that out for sure.

  • Anthony Rockwell

    Ive wanted the machine for sooo long to use while producing! But now I want it for performance as well! Looks so dope.

  • Nsca


  • Yuval Rozin

    That’s some awesome stuff! Kleph kills on that machine.

  • Lasson

    Hello! Thanks

  • Eoghain

    Fair play lads big giveaway

  • Ryan Harvey

    You guys would not believe how bad I want a Maschine! I’ve been saving for my wedding and am unable to afford one this year!!! :( I don’t need the pity, but I’m dying to get my hands on one weather I win or not! #WeddingGiftMe!!! :) You guys rock for making this contest! #FingerDrummer

  • Peter Cuevas H

    I want Win

  • Tyler

    It’s always nice when even though I’m not into his style of music I can still pick up some solid techniques

  • http://www.djpc3.com/ DJ PC3

    Can yo do that looping feature in Maschine 1.8? I’m still on that because I like how I can integrate it into Ableton…

  • Jacob Sutton

    cool! thanks

  • Christopher Robertson

    Wow guys. That giveaway is freakin awesome!

  • Tyler

    Bass Kleph is a beast with maschine. Cool giveaway too! Praying

  • killmedj

    Gotta love the Kleph!

  • Prof_Strangeman

    Really cool techniques!~ +1