• Jb78

    Is there a note mode on either APC? They appear to be constructed better than the launchpad serious but user mode is pretty handy for creating loops.

  • Controller freak

    They should do the same as the MPK Mini LPD 8 with the APC Key 25…

  • new age

    Wish they made something like the APC Key but without the keyboard (cutting the keys part), that would be the perfect controller for me. I know the APC mini very close to what im looking, but i prefer having knobs over faders and less launching clip rows…

  • efrazable

    Hey akai? Maybe an apc 20, just for those freaks like me that like 16 channels.

  • th3ta01d

    I’d add the APC Mini to my setup in a heartbeat for creating and launching clips in Ableton, my iPad is just to finicky for my tastes and the physical buttons should be great, and the APC40 MkII looks good too.

  • doclvly

    My wishes for this apc 40 mk2 update:
    1. Push like pads or launchpad pads, at least. Original buttons did not lend themselves to rapid sample triggering very well.
    2. Smoother faders. The xone k2 faders are perfect.
    3. Keep the replaceable crossfader feature from the mk1 (doesn’t look like it will fit) or at least put a very smooth fader in. again Xone k2 has exceptional faders.

  • Nate Crumb

    Will these be compatible with any software eg traktor ? The apc mini looks especially appealing for remix decks

    • Jeroen Kuiper

      they are compatible for every software that you can midi map, btw i am using a launchpad, maschine and an korg nanokontrol2 for traktor / ableton so YES YOU CAN.

  • Brett

    I’ve been waiting for a refreshed APC40 since before Push came out. I knew they’d leave it a year or two before they released something new and I’m so happy it’s out!! I love faders and even though there’s lots of cross over between the APC40 and Push there’s definitely room for both in my setup! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!!

  • Joe Chan

    I want that Key25

  • danh

    I think the apc mini could also be suitable for controlling dmx lighting software :D

    • golfclap

      seems like thats what it’s made for!

  • Caz

    APC mini is a Kontrol F1 killer for me …. Can control 2 remix deck at once, with fader, and get extra buttons to hot cue and FX ….. Seems a serious controller for 99*

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    THE APC Mini looks to be the Launchpad killer, but the buttons are just too small for some people. I’m curious to see how Novation will respond.

  • Jude Mangino

    Wow. I actually want to sell my Maschine Mikro and Numark M6 to get the APC40 MKII.

  • proben

    Any word on whether the crossfader in the new APC40 is less crappy than the old one?

  • RDiiO

    This is a very interesting release from Akai, on hand I would actually prefer the APC40mk2 and a MPK Controller over Push then on the other hand Push has a lot of the same functions the APC40mk2 has so having both seems like it would be a waste.

    I wasn’t expecting to see an update APC especially after the release of Push but I have to admit they look great and worth a test drive.

    • lokey

      i dont think theres actually a lot of feature overlap between the push and the apc. Sure, theres a session view on the push, but its really not particularly easy to use in conjunction with the actual playing of music on the push. The two seem like natural pairs, to me. Plus, faders.

      • RDiiO

        I can’t see the need for having both when the APC40 was first released there was nothing close it and no Push in the market, now it’s completely different. Push has to be the best controller I’ve ever seen for live and I would prefer the larger pads and expanded session over the APC40mk2. Push can do just about everything the APC but the same can’t be said about the APC. I had the opportunity to check out the APC40Mk2 performance video and his hands look cramped playing those small pads.

        • lokey

          well, when the apc was released there were plenty of monome based approaches available. im not sure whether you actually perform with a push or not, but the process of switching between modes and banks on the push in a live setting leaves a lot to be desired when trying to play at the same time. it really requires a separate controller if you want to adjust the levels of existing tracks while recording new parts. i wound up picking up a beringher mm1 for this purpose, only to discover their regrettable decision to require an ac adaptor for standalone use. this seems a very promising combination of fader control, and session-based clip triggering, without requiring one to stop performance on the push pads. i’ll say it again: the primary benefit of the push is the high density of velocity sensitive pads (and the ability to trigger fixed length loop recording of course, its a shame that functionality comes from the push python scripts, rather than actually introduced into the ableton software itself).

  • http://gravitasrecordings.com/ Jesse Brede

    I bet they are still built like sh*t in China with the absolute lowest quality parts known to man. Livid Instruments all day, every day.

    • MrPopinjay

      Hardly a fair comparison. Livid Instruments don’t make a $99 controller.

      • http://gravitasrecordings.com/ Jesse Brede

        True. I’m sure they could though and I’m sure it would outlast an AKAI turd.

  • The Wise n Mighty Choda

    looks great BUT dealing with InMusic is a nightmare

  • Robert

    Does anyone know if the APC buttons can be reprogramed to do midi or sequencing, like the push or launchpad in user 1 mode?

    I’m always going to keep the Launchpad in my live setup as I’m so used to it, so I’d like to use the buttons on the APCs for something other than clip triggering.

    • MrPopinjay

      It’s a midi controller, of course it can. This would be dictated by the Ableton remote script, not the controller itself. If you so desired you could do this with the APC.

  • AceKingMedia

    Akai just killed a couple of the Novation Mini products. APC Mini and the APC Key 25 appear to have more features than the Novation Mini products and are pretty much priced the same. If the build quality is better then that would be the final blow.

    Good job Akai!

    • Ankur Kedia

      Akai’s build quality is awesome. My MPK 49 FELL DOWN from the 1st floor to the ground floor & is still working fine!

      • Dan White

        Carpet, wood, metal or concrete stairs? ;)

        • http://gravitasrecordings.com/ Jesse Brede


      • http://gravitasrecordings.com/ Jesse Brede

        Totally disagree. Everyone I know that had an APC40 that did any type of gigging with it had it fall apart. Their warranty is garbage too.

      • Jude Mangino

        How did that happen?

  • BAD MiND

    That new APC40 has me seriously rethinking as using Ableton as my soon to be live gig rig… kudos Akai, these new devices look fab!

  • Doctor Easy

    Looks like a pretty solid upgrade to the APC 40. I would definitely like to give that one a whirl. I have some love for the APC 40 that I haven’t been able to give to the Push just yet.

  • Adam Seckel

    Kinda disappointed the second two are lacking RGB. Not really the quality I was expecting of Akai’s ‘next gen’ releases.

    • Robert

      I think the significant price drop from the MKII is indication of different markets for the products

  • Lobie

    These actually look really great, specifically the APC 40 upgrade! Any word on whether the grids will support any of the features in push, like Scale mode, or at least a step sequencer?

  • J.sto

    wish the mini was rgb, like a micro push. any idea if it does step sequencing with the lower half?

    • Anton Doty

      If it doesn’t natively do step sequencing, I’m 100% sure there will be a max program available for it within a few weeks of release.

      • http://www.ysthedj.com/ YS

        Or someone will basically hack it like they’ve done with the Novation Launchpad. Glad I held off on the Push as I really only wanted it for step sequencing and scale mode.

  • Palace One

    the last one sounds interesting for me with all the faders where I can use the mixer manually. Very nice again Akai. they’re just doing great work