• pete

    Nice Articel… But no midi feedback (led lights) with the VST must be sayed… i dont know why they do that…

  • mikefunk

    Question to Allen & Heath – Where are you?

    • afx

      +1 Definitely could have been a excellent market for them !

  • Nomis Nnamlekarb

    Could someone tell me how the rmx 500 is in combination with the Xone:42 ? Is it good ?

    • Mojaxx

      The 500 (and indeed any FX unit) should work nicely with the Xone 42, as you have individual Send levels on each channel. You would have to set the send level to fully wet to get the best results, though, otherwise you’ll get phasing as the uneffected signal would be coming through the output via both the source channel and the RMX.

  • Futureglue Musik

    Solid review mate! I’ll be looking forward to your next reviews.

  • Guy&Girl

    Really like this guy’s reviews.

  • Stewe

    Great review dude. This Pioneer FX units have always inspired some new midi mapping concepts and ideas.

  • John Rodriguez

    How is the sound quality on this unit? If you place it into the effects chain and then bypass it – is there a change in volume or sound quality? Any different then the RMX-1000? The sound quality of the EFX’s kept me from ever trying the RMXs, but given the limited availability of isolators in smaller form factors then 19″ units I’m curious about them.

    • Mojaxx

      Hey John,

      The sound quality is great; totally ‘digital’ like the rest of Pioneer’s current kit, though, so don’t be looking for analogue warmth here… ;)

      When shooting the video I was using a full Nexus setup on a Funktion One rig, and provided you set the levels correctly, it’s impossible to hear a difference between the effected and unaffected sound.

      Some of the effects can get a little ‘wild’, so restraint is called for on the user’s part to keep levels in check.

      I hear you on the isolator thing; that was a big part of my motivation to buy the 1000. And that does rock, for sure. Especially as you can tweak the boost amount and cut-off points to your own taste via Remixbox.

  • evilapa

    I like this guy.

  • MarkQuest

    Mojaxx always delivers the goods.. his videos are 100% unbiased 7 he’s not afraid to tell it how it it realy is; unlike some others who seem to be fishing for a job.. keepping ‘em coming phatbob,errr, Mojaxx :D

  • chris

    oh yeah. big knobs for sound stabilizing.

  • vladimir prieto

    the only think i didn’t like was that this guy speaks with hands. watching the video make me go crazy.

    • Marqueemark

      Most of the video is his hands and the RMX, not sure why this bothers you.

      Great to actually have a video review/demo tbh, good work Djtt. I think I might grab this one

    • synthet1c

      I like mojaxx’s videos, he’s a straight up guy and I think DJTT should hire him to write articles and reviews more. One thing that I can’t find out though is how is it powered? is it plugged into the wall, usb or batteries?

      • http://www.onelifeblog.ca Ryan Dejaegher

        The RMX 500 is powered with a power supply. The USB connection is only for use as a VST and it still requires the power supply.

      • Mojaxx

        The power issue was definitely one I overlooked here, and yes, as Ryan states below it does require a power supply.

        Anyone who’s seen my previous videos knows I have a tendency to waffle on a bit, and it was a challenge to reign myself in when doing a written review, whilst not missing anything. Clearly I failed there!

        I fear the dream of a fully battery powered solution is some distance away yet. Through necessity, I’ve done a few gigs with a Z1 and Traktor DJ recently, and even with an iPad I’m still tied to the wall as much as with anything else…

        • synthet1c

          don’t be so hard on yourself man. the review was great, you answered the most important questions.. it was just from looking at the photo of the side that I didn’t see the power cable plugged in because it’s black on black.. looking at it again I can see it plugged in. I’m glad you realized the reason for the question was hoping for batteries though. But as you suggest the output volume would suffer and it would probably introduce distortion when it’s pushed past it’s limit plugged into a mixer. We can always dream though ;-)

          • Mojaxx

            Thanks… ;)

            Korg have proved battery power is an option for such things with their Mini units, so it’s certainly not a crazy idea. There are a lot of LEDs on the RMX though, so I guess that’s a factor.