• DJ_ForcedHand

    This seems a LOT excessive in price as competitor DJ IEMs are about $100 less. I can’t see these being $100 better than other IEMs.

  • eugene

    Get the 846! $1000 IEMS!

  • Marco Hooghuis

    I would love to see a review on these! It’s and interesting product, I’ve been looking for something like this for a pretty long time.

  • Fatlimey

    By “rare magnet”, I’m assuming they’re just misunderstanding the term “rare earth magnet” which are not rare at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGoZA-hvJHw

    • Dan White

      Yeah, I wondered that as well. “Rare and powerful magnets” sounds like some fantasy novelist wrote it.

      • 3lechtrik

        The reason they are considered rare is that they are made out of Neodymium and most are in a molten state while in fields of magnetism that are very strong while they turn solid if i’m not mistaken :)

  • Justin Tharen

    How is the Noise Cancelation on these compared to Over-Ear headphones such as HDJ 1500/2000?

    • Dan White

      Not sure- they’re not out yet!

      • killmedj

        I used the Shure in-ears for a long time and they were great for keeping club noise out and keeping your head phone levels down. they also act as ear plugs when you walk into the venue as well! I’m keen to check these guys out.

  • Alfred

    great! I was looking to purchased some in ear monitors to replace my HDJ 1500′s but now ill wait and see:-)

    • http://josephmooreofficial.com/ Joseph Moore

      Me too!