• Raine Cardinaels-Baird

    Woody is the man. A dope av mix is truly something to behold. Heres one that me and my homie smashed out a while back..

    • Dan Leach

      Quality! LMAO at Dr T @25.30…

  • SB

    I’d argue that he’s not ‘VJing’, its more AVDJing if anything.

    From my experience as a VJ (who DJs on the side) unless an act has a completely curated set (and so usually inflexible track list) most AVDJs will still need a VJ to fill in the gaps.

    Regularly you see DJs come through spouting a live AV set and then just end up with a set of hip-hop music videos along with VJ loop packs – or even better – large sections of the set with nothing at all on the screens at all.

    If you can, work along side a VJ and they can use the DJs content as a solid base and add to it via cameras, overlays and the fact they’re another human helping to tie it all together.

  • tr4gik

    Native Instruments, when are going to get video?

  • http://Www.djstrategy.de/ Onno Kaell

    “Almost any DJ has the tools to perform with video”…I think that’s a bit of an overstatement – It’s simply not true for all us Traktor users! :(

  • Banana Split

    This guy here is a master for me:


    and there is also Beat Torrent !

  • JaGo

    Nice to see Woody get some much deserved props!! Go check one of his AV sets if you get the chance! He kills it on the turntables but still hits the spot on rockin’ the floor – with the added bonus of some amazing (and meticulously put together) visuals – in true hip hop party style. …Plus he’s a super nice guy too!

    • Dan Leach

      Yep – he’s a really sound guy.