• Ameith

    Really good article .. Helping me indeed

  • Jesse

    i would love to use the twister just as a controller for my Ableton Live Instrument Racks. Is this possible? Will there be Max 4 Live sequencers, just for the Twister?

  • https://www.facebook.com/xVEGAPUNKx VEGA PUNK

    Just the inspiration i was looking for. Thx DJTT!


    Not criticizing, but this kind of reminds me of this… http://scottchantler.com/post/62623327061/nevver-bukowskis-air-and-light-and-time-and

  • Alan Stirling

    Actually for true or natural inspiration, placing water in the
    right place* allows the surrounding air to dissolve into the water, and the water
    to evaporate. This scientific process releases energy into the environment and
    empowers everyone who uses the space. This is the true meaning of feng shui
    which translates to wind and water.

    *In nature high energy must flow to lower energy
    to maintain equilibrium or a solid state. A traditional feng shui consultation
    finds the highest energy spot in any office, home or building and shows you
    where the water should be placed for sometimes incredible results. It certainly
    inspires and helps to cure any creative blockages. For more information see the
    Feng Shui Institute.

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      it has also been said that timing has a lot to with it too. a research paper i read stated that we as humans are at our peak, 2 hours after waking, for a 4 hour stretch. the first 2 hours after waking the body and mind tend to be stressed. trying to gain it’s faculties and make sense of things. the 4 hours after that, we are supposed to be at our optimal mindset for learning and creative process… i find that during these hours i get my epiphanies.

      just a tid-bit of useless information that i have put into practice.

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    i only have a small studio that my daughter and i share. myself, for traktor and maschine and her with maschine and guitar rig. it’s a small set-up with a budget in mind that we can afford (she’s only 15 years old, so her gear is a result of birthdays and such).
    as a small studio on a budget, it is furnished with a pair of YSM-8′s and a matching YSS-10, an A&H ZED-10FX to patch in instruments or mics and a custom desktop with a Guitar Rig Kontrol interface for my audio. for traktor, i keep an extra pair of 1/4″ cables hooked up to the mixer for my S4. my desktop surface has about 20 running feet by 23″ deep. luckily kitchen and livingroom is open behind it, as to not trap or reflect sound. i try to keep the monitors at between 30 and 50 degrees at about 3 to 4 feet respectively.
    on the quest of building something that we can enjoy, it has never been about having something that is loud as much as having something that is clear. as well as creating an environment that is both simple to use and comfortable enough to spend hours in.

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      oh yeah, wall that it faces has large widow for natural light… mmm… vitamin D.

    • Ezmyrelda

      So awesome that your daughter has a maschine.

  • Ankur Kedia

    Great article, Small things like these really do make a difference. I’v been thinking of doing the exact same things & a couple of more for the last month. So there you go, Spot on with the article. I realise your environment really help you get inspired, which is the main reason for me taking this step of re-decorting my entire space. Few points I’d like to add :

    1) Mood Lighting/Lamps etc – for those long nights & trippy moments.
    2) A small couch or a few bean bags – to invite your friends over to hang around the studio while you share your work with them or play a couple of mixes while they’r hanging around. Practicing Dj’ing alone can get less inspiring after a while.
    3) Incense sticks/Room fragrance – Always Inspiring to have your workspace smell nice. Something light & Not too strong.

    All in one. Just have a nice looking space & inspiration will flow to you !!!

  • stefanhapper

    Great post – the idea to have a 2nd set of all cables is also very relevant for DJs. Something very simple and still I never thought of it yet.

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      a back-up pair in your gig back is essential too. you never know when a set will fail or if another dj will forget his.

  • Anthologic

    About Feng Shui aspect tho,,, really shouldn’t ever have your back facing a door while seated at your desk/workstation/DJ booth. The protective ‘reptilian’ part of our brains wastes chi unconsciously monitoring/worrying if someone/thing is sneaking up behind us. Always best to have your back to a solid wall and be facing the main entrance of the room if possible (called the power position) “welcoming opportunities that come into the room”. I see so many work stations and DJ booths facing up against walls, although I understand this is mostly due to space restrictions (why my DJ booth is presently wall facing, though I don’t like it). If you have to have your desk or DJ booth face a wall and have your back to a door or window, ways to help lessen this “bad Feng shui” would be to place a mirror on the wall your facing, to be able to see who’s behind you.

    • http://jeffkocan.com/ jeffk

      There’s an article I’d like to see: How to make the back of your workstation look presentable. I can’t even imagine what mine would look like—just a jumble of cables and wires and inputs.

      • tretuna

        One of the big things you can do is get a patchbay. All your gear connects to it, you can organize the cables behind it, and then you plug from one piece of gear to the other from the front easily. This is how every decent studio does it.

    • killmedj

      I have a door behind me in my studio and my wife just creeps in not wanting to disturb me, but when I finally notice she’s there I nearly shit my pants!
      And get chi everywhere!! ????

  • leavesremix

    if only i had the money… my studio is my laptop and headphones.