• deejay_MAGNUS

    want to kick the turntable; mate

  • DjCl.ear

    Haven’t got my hands around this yet, but if that “pick any button, name it Shift and then you just have a new layer” means what I believe it does… I am finally going to be able to easily control -at least- 4 decks and what not?, with my Otus RAW single platter controller that from factory brings two physical layers each differently lighted.
    Great news then, that will render useful again my DJ backpack to carry just the laptop + Otus Raw + headphones and still have a quite able set at my hands.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      To be fair, you could do this since Traktor Pro 1, by assigning a Modifier to a button (there are up to 8 modifiers now). The hidden problem here is that you have to make sure all of your modifiers are “clean”, meaning they aren’t double-mapped. I’m still waiting for Serato DJ to give me this option, but I think I will be picking up the One very soon because I am very familiar with the production layout and it will be nice to toggle DJ Production views on-the-fly.