• Justin Villeneuve

    they just got toggether to fuck around they werent trying to do anything crazy.. cotts makes mixes on his cdjs with 4 tracks all at once

  • DJ Double V

    Just another example of people wanting to brag about silly things they can do or did. Next thing you will see is someone using 50 ipads to Dj with Traktor DJ. :)

    • Carl B M Tatham

      Now that I can’t wait for :D

  • Juan Torres Solorzano


  • pelthor

    besides all the obvious…crap
    STOP REDLINING THE MIXER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please, throwing a pioneer (or any) mixer in the red has become so normal that beginning dj’s actually think you are suppose to do that.
    it sounds crap and makes you look like you don’t know what your doing.

    • tr4gik


  • sadkiller

    verry nice mix Cotts & Ravine

  • Dj iHOU

    I would have been more impressed if they didn’t play such cheap commercial music on just 2 decks b2b..

  • Kyle Tansley

    Haha it was me that posted it in r/djs. Awesome to see you picked it up off there.

  • Darkstar

    I remember listening to Ravine back in 2009, he was already this great and collaborating with Cotts. Glad they’re still ripping it together.

  • Mark Haus

    I mean its cool seeing that much kit being used together, but as others have pointed out, it was rare for more than 3 to be used at once and 3 decks with 2 people playing isn’t that special.

  • Weaver2

    Nice to see some hardcore dj’s get some screen time :D

  • Lujxio

    I wish I had that kind of money

    • Carl B M Tatham

      They get all their shit free from Pioneer.

  • Jesse Manaton

    How you can put this up …….. You have lost my respect slightly DJTT, will you post ‘anything’ now or something …… It is not like they use anymore than 3 at the same time…… Now this is mixing …… Sort off ……. And I actually respect this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPKydMOt6nk

    • Banco

      lol are you fucking serious? I think your over-thinking this post just a lil too much… John even says in his (your post) video its all about having fun, their both mixing and its just about fun.

    • DJCotts

      Thanks for the post DJTechTools! Jesse as Banco said below we were just messing around one Sunday, not claiming to be a ‘turntabilist’ routine that one. It wasn’t planned, but in hindsight we should have planned a routine out to use everything properly. We have other mixes actually pushing the limits a bit more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7QRMxU61tE but thanks for the feedback in any case we will have to do something better next time!

      • Jesse Manaton

        Thanks for your reply …. Didn’t expect that !!! , I have respect for you , but I just thought saying 12 deck mix when you didnt even use them all is abit ott , but i suppose you have access to that many CDJs so yeah :) BIG LOVE :) Jesse

      • Chaser720

        YESSS. I’ve been watching you and Ravine mix since the early youtube days. Big fan. Glad to see you found your way over to DJTT.

    • ChaZ

      “Practise and ‘njoy!” :)

    • KILLMeDJ

      Gotta Love this Cat.