• Tyler

    I reached out and was told that y’all are too busy at the moment -_-

  • James Burton

    Do these positions pay? Or is it more of a volunteer thing.

  • chris

    if my English would be better ….
    but unfortunately I speak english only as good as an Australian

  • stefanhapper

    Great move to have editors around the globe, especially for the music/culture editor role.

    I would also like to see more user-generated content. Especially great gear photos which could be posted on Facebook also.

    • stefanhapper

      And while I’m at it, it would be great to have company interviews / tours in the style “Inside Native Instruments / Ableton / Allen & Heath / DJ Tech etc” – showing some of the people, the offices, how they work etc. And not least a “Inside DJ Techtools” :)

      • leftofright

        I second this idea! an inside series would be awesome!