• immon

    If you use the Z1 in midi mode it stops functioning as a sound card.

  • Black Mail

    Are they just ignoring Maschine Studio users … the recent updates give Maschine MK2 users the ability to control Remix decks but nothing for the Maschine Studio users … does anybody have a decent mapping ?

  • christopherb

    Does anyone knows why my traktor s4 doesn’t work in midi mode? My os is mavricks. In normal mode everything is ok.

    • m2lawren

      I have the same problem! Started a couple months ago. Made a mapping and was fine but sometimes when I switch to midi moe some of the controls dont work at all! Happened to me a couple times already! I thought it was because there was no S4 MKII setting in the controller editor. Hopefully this fixes the problem.

  • Jake Hale

    UGH. why can’t they add white #ffffff to the available colors on the F1!? It already has the color in the default mappings. :(

    • elmooso

      Use HSB mode and set the saturation to 0 to get white.

      • Jake Hale

        will that work within traktor?