• DJ Swin

    I was looking forward to recording on Serato with my Numark V7. I thought Serato DJ 1.6 would have that feature. Major let down!!! Be nice to do my radio mixes from the comfort of my home.

  • Toontown

    Even though I think the Izotope partnership has presented wonderful effects options for this software, I think it’s B.S. that these expansion packs are $20 a pop. Traktor effects come standard and you get cool new ones with major updates.

  • Robert Wulfman

    Traktor has really got to step-up their game. Serato is really starting to dominate the market. I might just have to switch if NI doesn’t release something soon

    • Paco Loco

      All the features they introduced in this release are features that Traktor already had ages ago. They are still playing catch-up.
      What exactly is missing from Traktor that you are waiting for?

      • Sykes

        I’m picking up a VCI 400 and a SL3 to use with my Z2, that way I can play either software. I think the thing that really holds Serato back is their MIDI mapping. If I could map Serato like Traktor, I would probably switch completely.

    • eugene

      Serato has always dominated the market you noob. If anything, Serato is reducing themselves to Traktor’s bells and whistles. Serato’s strength’s were simplicity and stability. SDJ 1.6 is just a horrible update for any SSL user.

  • andrew

    i’m thinking about switching as well but it’s very costly compared to ableton

    • Toontown

      Care to elaborate?

  • LoopCat

    I’m thinking about jumping ship to Serato but I have a feeling they will bring out some new Rane Sl boxes soon seeing as though the still have the scratch labelling on them.

    • andreimatei

      “New” boxes are already surfacing with the new branding. It’s just the old box with a new sticker. It’s a great time to switch – and convince the vendor you get your SL box from that you should get a discount for the now “discontinued” product, hehe.

      • LoopCat

        Thanks for the heads up!