• Paul Muller

    This is a super useful comparison, especially looking into the practicalities of use in touring vs studio setups. I own a Crane Pro and love it for all the reasons outlined, but hate it in equal measure due to the three-point base which as the comparison highlights mean you either have an unstable laptop or an unstable mixer.

    What does have me puzzled is how upset people are that UDG is supposedly copying Crane – to my eye, the designs couldn’t be more different. Three vs four-point bases, telescoping single neck vs fixed, dual-necks and fixed vs adjustable trays.

    None of those differences are accidents, someone had to think about and engineer them in, saying that one is a copy of the other because of the Z-shaped folding mech would be like accusing Apple of ripping off Toshiba’s laptops because a Macbook and a Toshiba both have a clamshell lid.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate a rip-off as much as anyone, and I don’t think this is one.

  • http://spencerthayer.tumblr.com Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer

    I don’t understand why we are Kickstarting well established companies to launch improvements to their products they are already making profit off of. That defeats the entire purpose of Kickstarter.

  • dmob

    putting your stand under your mixer would totally separate you from the crowd in my opinion so for the most part the crane seems like the better option

  • Jonathan A

    I’ve had a couple crane stands now and I’ve loved them. What I haven’t loved is Crane’s total lack of customer support. I’ve had issued with both stands and Crane says that they have a “Lifetime Guarantee” of the emails that I’ve sent to Crane I have NEVER received a response. I’ve sent about 5 so far in the past couple years.

    Because of this I have no interest in supporting Crane any more. So I’ll be using my UDG Creator for years to come.

  • Jesus Dactyl

    I fully support the Crane Stand as I have had one for years that has been through hell (literally, I took it too Nevada) and has never had any problems whatsoever. I’ve been a hard working undergound DJ for a long time (DJ JD) and I remember the turning point where I went from using a milk crate to discovering the Crane Stand because of their grass roots approach to getting their product out there. I have partied with the Crane Hardware crew and can tell you they are the real deal, industry supporters supporting the beats, and those who create them. I would never party with some UDG wack crew who sat around in a dusty shop looking for a product to completely rip off just to make a buck. Plus did you notice that twist action to set the riser on the UDG? Who wants to get on stage and start twisting one out in front an audience who came to slam? NOT ME, that’s who. I’ll twist one in the privacy of my bedroom, sir and thank you! CRANE STAND for life. Support the originators, not the emulators.

  • Chris Silver

    I like my Crane Stand a lot and I haven’t had any problems with it since the day I bought it.

    If you haven’t seen it yet Crane has a kickstarter project running: the Crane Stand Elite. It has adjustable height etc. (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crane/crane-stand-elite-laptop-stand)

  • Zain_M

    Ean, you’re funny!

  • Bruiser Smith

    Thank you DJTT!!!! Love this video – great job! I think that I would agree with everything in this article, which is really thorough and impartial.

    I’ve owned a Crane Plus, Pro, and currently own the UDG Creator, so I think I can offer some feedback:

    The Plus is a great value, no doubt about it, although with extended use I definitely be concerned with the paint chipping. The Pro is a lot nicer – you can really tell that there was a lot of personal skill and work put into it. For finish, I would say that the Creator is close to the Pro, but the Pro has much finer details really.

    That being said, the issues with the single-leg design are significant, as it is extremely difficult to put gear on it. Mixers, controllers, etc. – if you don’t use flight cases it makes the Crane stands a real pain to use with anything else. I also worry about their stability – everyone on this thread talks about how steady they are but it is a 3-point design rather than the 4 point of the Creator. Putting a mixer/controller over the Creator isn’t perfect either, but at least it’s relatively stable.

    I really do like that the Creator rotates, which if you are in a small booth area is a really, really nice to have. While the two legs of the Crane stands offer more lateral stability, you have to conform it to your area. Want to put it on an angle at the corner of your setup? Good luck.

    I agree that I’m not a huge fan of the plastic on the Creator, and I try to keep from overtightening it to keep it from breaking.

    The beef between Crane & UDG seems to have shown up when Crane actually started to make their own cases (UHS) which have a similar design to UDG’s. Everyone points out that UDG copied a similar design to Crane (it did) but no one seems to mention that Crane started making bags & cases too to compete with UDG about the same time. Interesting, no?

  • Eloy Garcia

    I am sorry but the UDG stand is a rip off of the Crane Stand. The UDG has plastic parts that fail and I have seen them fail first hand. The Crane Stand dose not fail and is very strong!

  • jamamerican

    Funny you dont care that they copied the crane stand almost to the T and they call it the creator lol. Why dont you look at each company and compare that. Support local Businesses

  • kryptonitekillz

    I just can’t believe that UDG is getting away with blatantly ripping off Crane’s design. You can also get a Crane Stand Plus for half of the cost of both of the stands here and it beats the UDG hands down. The video that was posted about the UDG swiveling and a laptop falling off SCARES ME. If you don’t position the stand just right it does that? Anyway, I wouldn’t support UDG just for the fact they ripped off Crane’s design, but I have several Crane Stands (Pro and Plus) and would never go to someone else anyway. They are just too good of a company to leave. Plus has anyone seen the Elite yet on the kickstarter? Ohhhh, now THAT’S a STAND!!

  • DJC

    I’ve had a Crane Pro for a couple years now, it’s been rock solid for me and I’ve never even had 1% of a problem with it. I’ve recently added a Crane Plus to hold a MIDI controller with my setup. Even though they’re both the same design theory, the Crane being made a lot more solid is why I’ll continue to use and support their products. As a touring DJ, the last thing I need is something that’s going to break while I’m on the road. And as far as the “wobbling mixer”, I use my mixer in an ATA case with the ball corners and the weight of the mixer and case keep it completely solid. If you’re one of the new “EDM hand-puppets” out there and spend more time jumping on the booth and throwing things at the crowd, then that might not be the stand for you, but anyone that uses the equipment like a normal human being shouldn’t have any wobble problems.

    And I agree with @danielgilbers:disqus, the waterbottle test is freakin’ sweet..

  • DJ Joshua Carl

    Also, it should be made clear the specs listed are for the Crane PLUS, which is significantly cheaper than the Crane PRO and the UDG prices listed above.

  • AllDay

    My $20 odyusa stand is better then both of these lmao. Good try tho dj techtools.

  • DJ Joshua Carl

    the crane stand, pro, plus and soon, the elite are all unparalled solutions. Often imitated; never duplicated. I Accept no imposters, my gear is too expensive to trust to anyone else.. We did the research when we posted our stand comparisons on RemixReport, (although the UDG wasn’t mentioned because it had JUST came out when we finished the episode)


    Two homies in less than 2 months hit me up and said the UDG is not all it’s cracked up to be. People there’s a reason the best use THE CRANE STAND, the best use the best. Why settle for anything less?

    • iAM CRUSH

      As a touring DJ why take any chances I ask myself. 10 or 10,000 how embarrassing would it be to have ur mbp collapse to the floor?

      • iAM CRUSH

        CRANESTAND hands down.

        • https://soundcloud.com/sam-steensen samsteeno

          Clearly endorsed by Crane… Or a die hard Crane enthusiast ;)
          Love the spaceship setup; would be awesome in the studio, but I think thats too many screens for a live performance! I feel bad when I use one computer, it looks really bad from the crowds perspective to get caught looking at a screen or touching the trackpad/keyboard, I feel disconnected from the crowd. IMO

          How do you interact/connect? Do you find the screens to be a ‘barrier’ between you and the crowd?

        • e

          this is just plain silly

        • RBX

          Why not just put up 74 inch LCD monitor so that the audience can only see a hald an inch of the top of your head and nothing else? That way you can completely avoid seeing the crowd and vise-versa and you would’t need so many stands either….

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I’ve noticed that on all of these laptop stands, if you have any low-insert points on your mixer, you can’t really shove the mixer all the way back against the bottom of the stand (the cable heads get in the way). I have however used the accessory cradle upside down to elevate the back-side of the mixer to both stabilize and elevate a mixer/controller with the Crane stand (this should also work with the UDG accessory holder). I hadn’t really had a problem seeing the top-most knobs on my controller (I’m 6’5″ and I place my laptop on the upper platform), so I hadn’t really considered the need to elevate or turn my laptop out of the way. I am concerned that the telescope on the UDG has a plastic adjuster, I wouldn’t want that to break as I was setting up for a show.


    I stand by my Crane stand 100%. would not trust my gear on anything else

  • inthebooth

    I use my Crane in the Z position for my Maschine like Enferno does. This video made no mention of the Z position. Also, you guys seem to forget that Crane has been around with this design for YEARS! UDG completely ripped it off. Period. I like innovative products like the Crane Stand. There’s no way I would trust my Maschine or MacBook on the UDG. It just straight up gave out in that video. When you rotate the top of the stand it completely throws off the center of gravity. Not smart. Perhaps functional but an engineering nightmare.

  • Swissivory

    UDG stand looks good but I prefer the CRANE stand by FAR. I also have an orange one which makes me stand out during my sets. Also check DJ Iceman’s video on youtube about the main reason why you shouldn’t go for UDG!

  • dj iceman

    • Rayalon

      The stand is positioned wrong in the video (the tray should be towards the “legs”), and the silver plastic tightener is not closed properly.
      I have 2 UDG’s for my Macbook Pros. a great and very stable stand.

      • XPLICIT

        It shouldnt matte which way you have the stand. if it can be setup in that format then it should hold. Def wouldnt trust my gear on the UDG

      • Kutmaster TeeOh

        You can secure it either way. I had the same issue with my UDG stand, the lock wore out after a few months. They sent me another one, same thing happened.

    • Omar

      Hey guys I know there’s all this discussion regards to which stands better but there’s this company that I buy all my pro audio cables and HDMI cables from and they just came out with a dj stand yesterday and looks very similar to the crane but I haven’t tested out, so check it out. For only 35 bucks might be worth it.

      Monoprice DJ stand.


  • Mumferd

    It constantly amazes me Crane can charge that much money for cut, bent sheet metal.

  • leavesremix

    I have a question I’ve always wondered about. Does anybody actually put the laptop directly over a mixer as suggested?
    It just doesn’t seems practical. the base of the laptop would be completely in the way of using the mixer.
    Mixer further forward, or laptop further back would work if you had the room. But also a laptop up that high blocks your face and view of the crowd.

    • Comme Erçial

      I do it in some tight booths, then either lean the computer down at a vertical angle to be able to reach & see the gain and eq, or horisontal angle to have more space (but often less visibility)

    • djfreesoul

      You can use the keyboard shortcuts in Serato / Traktor if you have it right over the mixer.

      • leavesremix

        yea but you can’t use the mixer…

        • djfreesoul

          You can use the mixer even though you will not see (all of) the mixer. When I do this I can´t see gain and hi, all else is visible. As long as you are familiar with the mixer it´s OK.

  • http://www.djpc3.com/ DJ PC3

    Lmao for the end of the video…

  • S_Rig

    When are you guys gonna do a Vs. battle between the KRKs and the new Pioneer monitors?

    • Kutmaster TeeOh

      KRKs are crap.

      • bangler

        I don’t understand how people still use those shitty, inaccurate, so-called monitors.

  • J.sto

    i like my udg a lot, but that adjustable subtray on the crane is sweet. i
    hope there are more of these nerd out’s on the way, this was hands down
    one of the best gear reviews ever. The video is awesomely gripping, and
    the article does a great job of covering the information that Ean doesn’t. It would be cool to see this style of review on controllers.

    • J.sto

      also, i would be interested to see a kp3+ vs. rmx-1000 vs. rmx 500

  • chris

    this stands are nice.

    ……normally i take some kid.

  • djshem

    Awesome Video!

  • Ywe

    That was amazing! I prefer the UDG stand because of the rotate possibility. Although I already have two simple stands for my X1 and MacBook wich I rarely use since I made myself a new Dj booth…

  • Daniel Gilbers

    The “Flying Waterbottle Test” is amazing! :D