• Kappes Jean-marc

    Thx Excellent ^^

  • Scott Barrow

    Is it possible to post the pitch shift rack for live 8? Or does anyone have theirs they wanna let me borrow? I promise to give it back……. ; )

  • Wybie

    Awesome tutorial! Very very nice!

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    awesome tutorial! well explained!

  • theclaus

    I got rid of my facebook, do I really have to use facebook to download this? Honestly?!

  • TekMonki

    Very nice indeed!

  • Stupid Facebook

    It really sucks that you can only get if your into stupid facebook

    • Ginkgo

      Or you could follow the step by step instructions and construct your own, and learn a whole lot more in the process.

  • chris

    what a nice tutorial. no one has an question.

  • ap0th1k4ry .

    Excellent tutorial! Simple FX are often the most overlooked but the best.