• http://www.antifmradio.com/ antifm

    im goign to be honest here. i have had it installed for over a week now and i cant open it at all. Im sure its great but what good is it to me if i cant even use it

  • itsJpit

    I just purchased this with all the expansions. Clearly a must have for DJs and Producers!!
    #izotope #breaktweaker #BT #djtechtools for introducing it to me. You guys are the shit!!!!
    Real work never comes cheap!

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I’m curious how this stacks up against Maschine 2.0?

  • illmagnetic

    too expensive. I don’t like the price point.

    • Markkus Rovito

      Quality always costs $. You could buy a bunch of cheaper plug-ins and still not be able to do what this one does. But yeah, I don’t think it would be pushing it to keep the “introductory” price as the permanent price. It’s hard out here for pimps.

  • Mad Zach

    that looks sick