• Irvin Cee

    No vu meter per channel or master on the Livid Instruments DS1, is a big mistake.
    Useless for DJ’s.

  • Toontown

    Bitwig’s VST processing sounds really interesting. I believe it harnesses the maximum potential of your machine to process VSTs separate from the DAW. I also like the prospect of using Push with Bitwig. With a bit of js and additional scripts running, it could become even more powerful than it currently is. Long live open source software!

    • nukage

      I very much hope Push running bitwig is possible. I have a feeling it will be up to genius members of the community to make it happen though

  • Tom Wenger

    just a question about the DJ-Tech DIF-1M, will it work with traktor scratch pro just plug and play ?

    • Toontown

      Doubtful. I would bet good money against NI certifying any DJ-Tech products that directly compete with the Z2.

  • Sean

    What happened to the 808 aira?


    No Turntables?

  • Sergi Martínez

    Where is the Reloop Terminal Mix 8? Am I the only one who thinks that it is the best product of the NAMM?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      Come on now, the Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the best product of this year’s NAMM, but the Terminal Mix 8 might be the most affordable for what appears to be the optimal DJ controller design.

    • djtsmooth

      I don’t know about the best, but I definitely think its much more practical for your average consumer. I don’t know too many mobile djs or even club djs that will carry around that huge of a set up. The difference with cdjs and a mixer is they are separate components a lot easier to carry around if that is your set up of choice. But I can see myself being in the market for the terminal mix 8 wayyyyy before I ever purchased the pioneer sz.

    • http://www.byrequest.us/ By Request

      I see an upgrade from my TM4 to the new TM8 in the near future. Looks sweet!!

  • https://soundcloud.com/sam-steensen samsteeno

    All the new Behringer gear needs a look at to see what’s good and what’s not!

  • ap0th1k4ry .

    Lovely! But where is my Midi Fighter Twister? :/

  • stefanhapper

    I can’t understand why DJTT again focuses only on the Pioneer RMX-500 and completely leaves out the DDJ-SZ. For me, and I assume many others, this was the controller highlight number 1 from NAMM this year.

    • stefanhapper

      Thanks for adding it :)

  • Grizu

    Seems like you missed to check out Arturia. The Beatstep looks great to me.
    Still not getting the MIDI and sequencer right, but thinking about triggering cuepoints and then let them be triggered by the sequencer would be überdope.

    • proben

      yep there are cool things here but the Arturia is the coolest thing I’ve seen yet from namm, esp when you factor in price. I was drooling over the new trigger finger until I saw that

  • Lyzdekiel

    with most of the things you need probably a bit of luck. Cause there are peoples outside, they look or touch at such an Laptop or Controller and *peng* … is gonna be broken.

  • Doctor Easy

    I have to say I’m most excited for a look into Bitwig. And also I can’t wait to pick up Izotope Breaktweaker and get rolling with it.