According to: http://www.djtechtools.com/2009/11/09/time-stretching-comparison-torq-1-5-vs-ableton-live-8/ Your very own article in 2009, Serato’s Keylock was already pitch-n-time based. But that’s not what we received. Instead we received a broken function out of the box and now they want to sell us the bug fix? This doesn’t speak for itself? https://www.google.com/search?q=serato+key+lock+quality+site:serato.com&espv=210&es_sm=93&biw=1280&bih=601 This company poisoned the milk and now they want to sell us the antidote. I ain’t havin it, Serato. Fix the Keylock, keep your plugin, find some scruples.

  • Ryan Supak

    So, in practice, how does this work? Do you “arm” and “calibrate” P&T per-track, then it recalls the track-specific settings when you reload the track? I ask because the interface doesn’t look like something you’re supposed to use on the fly during a mix.

    Or, alternatively, is it a thing you buy and then it’s “always on”, and if you hit Key Lock it just sounds a lot better than it did before?

    Thanks for any info,

    • UGH

      If it’s the first scenario, we’re getting a discount on a true VST grade adjustable plugin. If it’s the later scenario, and judging by the preliminary video; It is. Then we’re being bent over without mercy for what should be a bug fix.

  • Gulli Johansen

    this is probable good but wait Serato has been selling this as a plugin for other software since 1998? and Serato users have asked them to get better key lock for years.
    How could they not use some of the algorithm the better the key lock?

  • mikefunk

    I am seriously considering to switch to Serato. Traktor recently does nothing for me. No VST, no tracks preparation tool. Buggy, glitchy. I am getting really tired with it. I know they are releasing a tons of new stuff but all ow it is no interest to me. On the other hand, Serato seem to do now all right things. Exceptional Pioneer controllers (Not overprice plastic Traktor BS). VST plug ins. Ableton Integration. Exactly all I am interested in. And here I am waiting and waiting and nothing is happening. I think it’s time to switch.

    • Esbeesy

      May I enquire as to what “tracks preparation tool” Traktor lacks that Serato has?

      • mikefunk

        Well… that was bad example. You are right. Anyway. I should not really complain.. but simply what is Traktor doing is not up my alley. Simply because I DJ differently. I get that. I don’t care for remix decks and all that. I don’t use it anyway. I checked Serato and it’s out of the equation. All I can hope for is VST for Traktor and some kind of simple program to prepare tracks. Set cues, etc. On Android too if possible. Something like Recordbox. Other option is hope for ONE DJ software will evolve more or… well Mixvibes? I guess I am stuck with Traktor. Not a bad thing but I would like to see VST at least. Just watchina all updates, all bells and whistles but nothing important to mee. So back to the beginning. I just DJ differently.

        • Esbeesy

          Traktor’s FX dominate anything else on the market as far as software FX are concerned. Virtual DJ is a prime example of how VSTs can work against the intended goal, since it has this feature and yet pretty much no one uses it. The problem with VSTs, especially with live use, is they can eat up CPU power like a fat kid with Prader-Willi Syndrome in a cake shop.

          Track preparation tool, you mean something akin to Rekordbox right? Where you can, say, use your phone to prep tracks whilst commuting to work in the morning? Because I agree this would be a great feature. All the essentials are in place like metadata sync, it’s just a case of them finding the time and resources to put out something like that. Let’s hope!

          But not even the shiniest controller in the world could be make me switch to Serato as it is. It would need something massive.

          • mikefunk

            Great info. Thanks. Regarding VST you are probably right. I just bought Xone DB2, so feck VST I have them in the mixer now.

            But seriously. I dream about some lightweight, fast, easy to use software to prepare tracks and export that data (vis Dropbox) on the go. I listen to a LOT of music on the go. Usually new stuff which I just purchased. And there is no way to do anything with them, except maybe making simple m3u playlist at best.

            I am not talking about Traktor mixing app for iPhone. I am talking about simple Player with metadata edit, cue points, beat grid, etc. And yes, Android please this time.

  • http://www.ysthedj.com/ YS

    Pitch N Time was promised over 5 years ago for Scratch Live. Late is better than never but damn.

  • coolout

    It’s kind of messed up that instead of just improving the quality of it’s keylock algo, Serato is charging $30 for a specialized plugin version. It’s one thing to charge for niche add-ons like video for instance, but to pay for what are essentially upgraded versions of basic tools feels like being nickel and dimed.

    • UGH

      Because it IS nickle and diming.

  • Tekayu Harrington

    you guys have no idea how happy i am with this expansion.

    although i have only been using serato dj for 1 month and have hardly any gripes, hearing wav / mp3 files begin to artefact at around +/-2% when i have keylock on, is just absolutely crap.

    • ithinkmynameismoose

      Ever consider Traktor?

      • Tekayu Harrington

        i have been toying with the idea and here are two reasons why i would:

        - cheaper DVS hardware for traktor
        - better key lock (although this point will be moot in february).

        Reasons why i wouldn’t:

        - i play soul, funk, disco and 99% of the functions on traktor, i’d never use
        - i own a ddj-sx and (lack of proper) platter integration will manifest itself in smaller resolution on the platter and so i don’t get an accurate feel from my controller.

        i’ll be trying traktor sometime in the future though, that’s for sure.

    • chea

      No idea what you are using for a computer or what but we use serato and pitch to 6 and 12% often and it sounds just fine.

      • Tekayu Harrington

        no idea if you have any ears but i use:

        macbook pro 2012, i7 2.9ghz, 8gb ram, playing through rokit rp5 gen 3, playing 320kbps mp3 and / or 24 bit waveforms, with my A&H Xone 53D (2nd gen).

        listen back to your mixes carefully and you’ll hear the artefact. i assume you listen back to yourself play right? right? probs not.

        • tr4gik


        • Alex

          ^^^sounds like this dude should just go back to vinyl or cd’s…

          • Tekayu Harrington

            do you even know what sound artefacts are? do you know it’s a common problem with serato when you have key lock engaged and go outside of 2 or 3% value?

            maybe you should go back to vinyls and start from scratch.

          • Esbeesy

            “Start from scratch”


      • Tekayu Harrington

        and further more, if you’re pitching between 6 and 12%, you need to learn how to choose your tracks better.

      • DJ Wizz (Wizzu) – Belgium

        You need better ears, or better attention, or maybe playing more than 1 genre of music..? With a lot of electronic music I don’t hear lots of artifacts… With “real” music though (I mean actual musicians playing actual instruments and actual people singing actual notes without tons of autotune, lol) I can hear artifacts with as little as 1.5% pitching. Sometimes less.