• H8er

    RMX 500 looks cool, you get an extra pair of hands or a blowup doll in the package so you can look cool and riding back to back, as that is a must today, if your not a duo you are not A DJ,

    Before one dj did all the work and got all the credit for it, today its just look cool and press the right button.

    And with RMX 500 you even wont needing that!

    Welcome to the professional lamestation

  • H8er


  • Jason Sweet

    I’m building a DJ hardware unit that can do more than this, and will be available for under $100.

    • H8er

      Made 100% by chinese students and children!

    • Sarcasm

      LMAO…again, you are better than all other professionals. We are in the presence of a genius people!

  • dj tony

    just wonder i have an extra fader from ttm 57 rane & have a vci 380 i know they are a to diferent because the brand, my question is some can make this fader work on my vci 380 ???? maybe this quiestion is stupid but some one can make this happen !!!

  • J Williams

    The ddj-sz looks cool, but for 2000!!!. I rather have a cdj/djm setup. You can get cdj 900 and cdj 2000/nexus for cheap, you just got to do the research. DJM 850 and 900 are always available at a discounted price. That’s how I got mine. Check craigslist, you can always catch a noob who wants the” NEXT BIG THING”, and get some great equip for cheap.

    • H8er

      you can buy a super hot multi featured DDJ SX for $500 and thats not even a year old, hahaha

  • Kalebbbb with a Kay

    I want this so bad :/

  • tr4gik

    2000 dollars …. Pioneer allow me to have a good laugh … LOL. might as well go to CDJ ?

    • H8er

      Why, where are u gona use it, in a club or venue, well give this a year or two and CDjs are gone completely from the higher end of clubs and djs, this will be the new tandard, for the lazy, cheap or comfortably owner of clubs and venues, no need for expensive cheap built gear, just buy a couple of this ones, tell you djs to stack up on computers, thats it!

      Pioneer killed their own line of gear, R.I.P Nexus!

  • jvc

    Thank God I still waited… I didn’t get the sx. Now I’m sure ready to get this bad boy.

  • me

    well this fucking dominates the ns7 II, its suppose to be the competitor, Right?

    • H8er

      wrong, NS7mk2 is in league of its own, pioneer wins as usual on hype though.
      just wait and see when people who bought ddjsz begin to rant on utube, cause of quality or firmware issues, just like cdj 2000 nexus.

      Pioneer will never learn, they are to greedy

  • Pat McDonald

    Taken from Pioneer in the DDJ-SZ video comments: “The DDJ-SZ will be available in March 2014 for SRP of £1749, €1999 and
    $2399. The first 5,000 units sold worldwide will be bundled with a free
    license for the Serato Video plug-in (worth $149)?”

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Pioneer Website lists this at 1999 not 1400. Guess again DJTT.

    • Dan White

      Noted above: prices were falsely reported all over – corrected after talking to Pio in person today!

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        Glad to see the edit. Thanks for fixing it!

      • H8er

        $2399 or $2400 who gives a crap, its the same thing
        None sane person will ever look at CDJs or standalone mixers ever again, and Pioneer is gona loose

  • a.B

    Screw Pioneer…Why wont they make this baby for traktor too !?

    • A.F.

      It will work with Traktor as well, and there will be a .tsi file available for it.

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        True but if you look at the SX video there isn’t jog wheel control (just for pitch) and that’s a total deal breaker.

    • ithinkmynameismoose

      Native Instruments won’t give the license to make Traktor controllers anymore. I’m sure they would if they could.

      • H8er

        Nope, its inferior to serato, serato is the next big thing, traktor was the shit, now its just shit

    • Geegee

      It’s NI’s fault. They are not being innovative.


      I’ve got DDJ-SX and they make it about half year after.. Now you can download Traktor setings.. This baby I don’t know.. ;)

      • H8er

        But tht is not official TSI,s its from traktorbibible, a whole lot of a different ballgame, its cause of the third party enthousiasts that traktor will survive, not because of Native instruments, they will be gone from the dj gear market in 5-10 years, solely relying on hardwre for musicians and djs productionwise!

    • H8er

      Havent you done you homework?

      Pioneer, Numark, Denon, even Reloop have stopped supporting the native platforms as NI are egoistic and of lesser quality, just look at S4 and S4mk2, a Joke!

      So they stopped producing hardware for traktor, and have no plans for a collab ever agin as it looks now.

      So if you want traktor, bu S2 or S4mk2

  • http://www.poweronplay.com J.J. Gonzales

    You better double check that, my friend.

  • simonbass

    Me playing the Drum Machine always sounds crap – even if it is from Pioneer :)

  • Polygon

    1399? I’ve been seing prices of 2399$ and 1999€ respectively.

    • The Mad Beaver

      if it’s only 1400, I’ll give away my S4mk1 almost for free.
      2400 sound far mor reasonable for this monster.

      • Polygon

        Yep… but i’ve seen very very discordant prices. Just saw $1799 somewhere. Prices are all over the damn place

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        I’ll take the S4!