• djfreesoul

    First impression: It’s ugly! And a bit “cluttered” in design. But the features looks good. I’ve got the old Trigger Finger, but it doesn’t work with my PC! Hope this one works with all types of USB hubs… :)

    • Keegs :D

      Do yourself a favor and pick up a cheapo usb hub. Fixed all of my connectivity issues with my TF.

  • Mad Zach

    the old one had more knobs

  • joyner

    love it love it love it….finally something that is not maschine and not $1000! hopefully the price will drop from $400 to around $250. if it was $250 id buy it. however…its ugly as hell.

  • Rumble

    soo is it stand alone , it doesnt really say?

    • dj415

      It’s a standard midi controller so yes, it just comes with their software. But the step sequencer seems to be on-board and standalone as well, which explains the price but is awesome. Imagine step sequencing Traktor cue points or remix deck slots!

  • Gavin Varitech

    As a Reason user I have no use for the plugins (unless they can come in Rack Extensions too) and would much rather pay less than $399 to get it without any plugins or samples that I don’t want.

    This would be perfect for Kong, Redrum, and some other Reason instruments, but for $399 no chance.

  • Steven Taylor

    It does look nice. They have such a bad rep though. I’d give it a year and we’ll see that price in half. I’d hold out.

    • Phatscout

      FYI M-Audio and Akai are owned by the same company now (inMusic, hell they own Numark and Alesis too. Like 80% of the Midi controller market is all made the the same company brah.)

  • Lobie

    Attempting to make it an all-in-one solution a la Maschine isn’t the way to go. Straight MIDI and a $250 price point would be way more attractive IMO.

    • Jude Mangino

      I like how the step sequencer is built in though.

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    This is in no way because of Skrillex.

  • me

    well dats kool.