• Illuminatek

    “Bitwig is also announcing that Nektar, Livid Instruments, and Novation will have controllers that integrate into the DAW – we’ll find out which at tomorrow’s opening of the show.”

    I read somewhere : more than 50 controllers will be integrated at launch. I hope some Akai… but they are good friends of Ableton…

  • Polygon

    The hell? It was supposed to be priced at less than $100? Where’s that gone?

    • Michele Boscaini

      had the same first thought

    • http://www.justmuziq.com/ Lion

      Where are you getting your info from? There was never a price set before now.

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    I think my decision on this will be make by any review you guys do on this… Hope you can get an early look at the finished product!