• Vicor

    I have cross, if you are coming from serato timecode it will be a waste. They have not nailed clone deck and cue points like traktor and serato . So using one turntable like the industry leaders is out of the question. Don’t waste your money until this is fixed!!!!!

  • Paul

    Are there any tutorials out yet, I would like to ad my own videos, need to know what format to insert or load up my videos, and what is the recommendation of the size I shoot 1920×1080 with my camera but I can down size with editing?

  • DJBNaut

    I consider this to be a good work in progress. It has potential. Definitely software to keep an eye on.

    While I agree
    that added VST support would be nice (because let’s be honest, the
    effects built in are not so great yet), Avid added that to Torq and that
    caused serious stability issues.

    Until this offers a way to map MIDI controllers, have better effects native to the software (both for audio and video), and develops more user friendly layout where you can see at-a-glance if functions are on or off…I will stick to my ArKaos Grand VJ and Traktor S2 for my audio and video needs.

  • Pax Webb

    Hey, there is no mention here about what video formats Cross 3 is compatible with. I use mostly .mp4s (H.264) now but still have a number of older Divx, 3ivx in .mov and .avi containers. Been VJing since before VCD even existed… digital VJing for around 10 years. Virtual DJ powers through them all where Serato won’t. How about Cross 3?

  • Grant Reynolds

    I have tested the free version out for a few hours today.. I tested it on a old 2009 mb Pro with 10.8.5.

    I was very impressed with how smooth it felt, it actually seemed to run better than traktor. I then decided to test the video capabilities, once again, i was impressed.. It ran quite smooth on my old unit. I did have one crash.. but that was due to the fact that i had several apps running (including the CPU sucker and memory leaker Safari) and everything was getting a little hot. The GUI looks great too, its not cluttered.

    Things on my wish list:
    1. a Midi Map for my DDJ-AREO.. In the mean time ill just make one myself..
    2. I dislike that the transition effects are only tied into the cross fader.. I was was disappointed that the channel faders had no transition effects, especially since its only a 2 channel video mixer. I know it would be a bit dicky but it would be nice to have some sort of transition effect on the channel faders.. I the mean time ill just decouple the transitions from the crossfader, midi map it and then do it manually.. I know the complexities of having transitions tied into channel faders, but common, there has to be a way..

    P.S. I was shocked to see my old EKS OTUS controller on the list of controllers.. It might be time to dust the cobwebs off that thing..

  • Kutmaster TeeOh

    Good review.

  • Brett

    Thank you for the well articulated article Marrkus. I would love to see a video of Cross 3 in action. At the moment the official Mixvibes video for Cross 3 video capabilities doesn’t quite show enough for me. It is too edited to get an honest feel for it. If anyone has a video please post a link. Cheers from Philly, Brett

    • Mixvibes

      Hi Brett!

      Tutorials are coming soon. You’ll have access to tips and helps about Cross 3.


  • Christiano Ronaldo

    more nice colors would be nice. especially for …..i don’t know what this ….

  • Hawn Solo

    Was the MacBook a 13 or 15 inch? I feel like that might make some what of a difference in terms of video performance since the 15s have their own dedicated video cards and the 13s have integrated.


    Looks good. Awesome features. I just cant justify spending $130 since i use Traktor already.

  • tr4gik

    Does the software offer any trials so I can at least try it?

  • ovs1cd006

    nice Article
    many thanks Markkus

  • N900SA

    looks great.
    btw: you should already have a really strong computer for that

    • meerkat82

      many DJ’s won’t though because audio only requirements are low
      probably not a good idea on macbook air which seems popular with many DJ’s

      • N987SA

        The MacBook Air is strong enough. i prefer the Pro, cause i love more bass in the air, and no MacBook Air in the air ;)

        But the new Mac Pro has more power as you need.

        • meerkat82

          got an alienware and all the power I need

          • chris

            Alienware is also good. With this hardware compilation supposedly also works the Microsoft OS quite well. Because from time to time, there are shameless hardware combinations. Since it can sometimes even lead to a crash.

          • meerkat82

            pleased to meet you, google translate

          • chris

            google is better than bing translate.

            btw: my wife speaks perfect english. but joking i had do by myself, so she can laugh seriously more times at once

          • meerkat82

            well, you probably speak english better than I speak your native language :-)

          • chris

            probably. German is very difficult. (especially with dialects ;)
            but here in austria it is very nice, and in my neighboring country germany you can drive at the Highway with no speed limit.

            I think this was the most interesting, about me and my country

          • chris

            @meerkat82:disqus. Sorry, i forgot that we have an village named “Fucking”

  • Audun Notevarp Sandvold

    I’d say MixEmergency from Inklen would earn a mention in this article. http://www.inklen.com/mixemergency
    As it is now officially supported with SDJ, and supports Syphon, so it can be used with MadMapper, Resolume etc. http://www.inklen.com/forum/discussion/1509/mixemergency-2-4-0-public-beta#Item_85

  • Jane

    I love Cross – still the biggest feature of it for me is it can sync my hotcues to export to Rekordbox so I can

    just work in one environment building up my library but have all my cue points available fo Pioneer club players on a USB stick if I get a gig in a club with those. I’ve yet to upgrade to 3.0 from version 2.6 yet, but the video options looks very interesting

  • StevenS

    could I use my Traktor S2 MKII??