• kai

    the update didn’t fix the problem for me. 2.6.7 just crashed and upon reloading, told me my collection is invalid and “created a new one” for me. my playlists are once again gone. at version 2.6.7, there really shouldn’t be major functionality issues like this happening so consistently. this is 3 updates in a row that have had this same major issue. categorization is by far the largest issue traktor has to address.

  • Al

    I come from an IT background where my job was to keep servers running 24/7/365. Some basic rules that I learned painfully were:

    1. Update 2 or more versions behind current the version.
    2. If you don’t have a backup laptop, get 2 more physical hard drives for a total of 3.
    The first: Production (for performance)
    Second: Backup (Mirror Image of Production)
    Third: Testing & Development (Upgrades, configuration Changes)

    Breaking Rule #1 caused me lots of pain with 2.6.6. Never again.

  • Rayalon

    2.6.7 – NOT 2.7.7 :)

  • http://spencerthayer.tumblr.com Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer

    Service Center on Mac 10.9 sucks ass. Can never get it to update anything correctly. If you’re in the same boat just download the 2.6.7 demo and it’ll install like an update. http://co.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=tprodemoversion

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Why is this happening now?

  • Chaser720


  • Dj Careless Wreck

    Thank God they’ve updated this… I updated to 2.66 but decided to rearrange all my files because I updated my harddrive…what ensued was about a day of trying to relocate al my files, software crashing and as mention multiple empty remix mashup sets that I hadn’t backup. Thankfully I was able to restore a backup of my collection!

    Make Sure you all update!

  • PT

    The metadata sync with Dropbox seems to have been removed from the settings with 2.6.7.


    As far as databases go, I think Traktor is well overdue for an overhaul. Their whole set up feels out of sync (bad pun) with the day to day working habits of the modern DJ.

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    ty… updated

  • Mozzy

    Traktor has to figure out how to resolve these issues a lot more quickly. I use metadata sync on the fly in my spare time with my iPad. It is one of the most useful features available on their Traktor App

    • Dj Negão

      Nunca mais, agora terá q ser msm DJ de verdade. Abraços