• Tom Wenger

    If this controller works on a computer that would be more useful ! imagine the possibilities with that, plug the computer to the sound, sit in the couch and pretend to your friend you can dj while turning the filter :D

  • H8er

    Its a Joke, i would not even reckommend this piece of junk to my worst enemy.
    This is the bad side for djs and gearjunkeys, produce a product that only caters to beginners that have no intention or stamina to cope with djn all the same.

    And as mentioned before, show a product, ad some “trending” music and slab att sticker or show a moving crowd, dj and viola, instant success.

    Im so tired on the cheap bad quality and wear and tear mentality, also the typical computer nerd flaws we have fought for a decade, the “patch”, well was the firmware wrong and your players / computer broke, hmm sorry about that, well patch up next time, and in the meantime we try try to fix your player, sorry again, we changed our warrantypolicy from 3 years to one year, and yeah you players are 1 year and 1 month, so sorry, you got to buy new shiny stuff, again!

    Buy. buy. buy, buy

    When can we expect hardware with a decent price and a decent shelflife i wonder!

    If i buy players for $3000 i expect them to be the pinacle of excellence and to work accordingly, not have to update or get bugs like an infested old apartment.

    This selfservice / firmware updating, bugriddled softwares and greed has got out of hand!, sombody call SWAT

  • aron one

    always for ipad and samsung c for when

  • Mad Zach

    Imagine a controller… With two full decks of high resolution control, a 3 band dj eq, and ios compatible. Just imagine the possibilities…

    • H8er

      Think if djs actually knew what they did, would be even better, trying to reach the moon and they dont even got rocketfuel or a rocket.
      Soo much technology, and how much do the majority use?
      20-30 maybe, for some it would suffice with a Play, cue and a syncbutton, not even use to ad a pitchslider cause that is in the way!

  • Albert

    It look so cheap and useless… I really hate the marketing project : Add some bad dubstep, crowd lights from nightclubs and it’s done…
    The product itself bring nothing new.

    • Dan White

      The biggest issue with the video (which took me a third watch to realize) is that it doesn’t show the product functioning at all or doing anything.

      I wish companies would do a better job of asking themselves: “who is our target market?” and “What are they looking for in a product?” when creating marketing materials like this style of hero video.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        I really don’t know where someone would use this… Maybe in a Gazebo during Summertime? Perhaps a Youth Center? Camping with friends?

  • leavesremix

    the jogs having no depth doesn’t make sense when there are faders and knobs sticking up already. why wouldn’t they give them a little depth?

    • Dan White

      Probably something to do with cost.

  • Gulli Johansen

    one potential problem would be connecting a sound card the connection cable will be in the way of one of the 2 FX/Cue/sampler parts

    • Dan White

      Indeed. I’ll be very interested to see how they have it set up at NAMM. The wireless bluetooth speakers option seems promising – but need more information on latency in order for that to be a good solution for DJs

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        I’m not a fan of wireless audio. Simply turning on a brushed motor nearby causes audible interference. Blue tooth also adds a layer of compression which again is not ok.

        • H8er

          Like that would matter or bother someone as many plays mp3s, on real bad soundsystems, so no, i dont think static is the worst problem.

          Personally i would never put my rep on the line using wireless systems like this, microphones is one thing, they can be changed out with ease.

    • Dennis Parrott

      where the iPad headphone jack sits will be in the way of the left side FX/Cue/Sampler part…

      …and I’d bet that the headphone splitters that are available will be in the way big time…

      with these things getting in the way like this it kind of feels like Hercules either did not think this design through completely –OR– they have some very limited use cases that it was designed for.

      and that might not be completely Hercules’ fault given the restrictions Apple puts in the way of hardware and app makers in the iPad world.

      that bluetooth option for speakers — aren’t there possible fidelity losses as well due to the bandwidth restrictions on that channel?

      • stefanhapper

        Couldn’t you simply turn the iPad 180 degrees to have the audio output on the upper right corner?

        • Dennis Parrott

          that is a good point that shows just how your own usage patterns blind you sometimes to other possibilities…

          i always use my right thumb to tap the home button when using my ipad in landscape mode. it never dawned on me to flip it like that because of how i use it…

          good catch.

  • Jake Hale

    with how often apple is likely to change adapters this makes total sense for a casual mixer. plus it can be used as a USB controller for other programs- I like the idea- though the dedicated ipad slot is pretty ugly. maybe they can make one the folds away for the next version.

    • Dennis Parrott

      i think it is way overpriced at $299 for the casual mixer…

      for casual mixers, i think half that price is a tad high…

      • Jake Hale

        yeah, didn’t notice the price, shame.