• https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc9JPZrX4DHRbR8XvyfvNkQ BRun@ RZW

    LoooooL Falam do meu ídolo aki xD !!!!!!!! Nevvvvv I LOVE U
    Perfeito xD

  • O2Jammer

    Fuck for someone who say this fake, its real he provide the sample project files, and it possible ot having those kind of “fingers”

    search up “O2Jam – Joker” on youtube, and see how much u fucked

  • Rumble

    So its just like slice to midi and instead of playing them in a row spread them out to make it look like your doing something,this isnt that impressive

  • Tom

    Does anybody know how he do the light session?

  • Gerg? Csikós

    Great work, my problem with it is the many “show-moves” and light-show elements, sometimes it is hard to see/hear what is he actually launching, playing. But without a doubt, it looks great for those who doesn’t care about what is happening exactly

  • Shawnyd

    This is Great! He really pushes the LED feedback to a whole new level. Kick ass job NEV!

  • Rage all over my plurrrr

    Once again a technically amazing yet awful sounding performance video. I am so sick of all the Brostep glitchy button pushing videos. It was lovely to look at once I muted my speakers.

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      i have to agree with you there! looks greats but sounds irritating as fuck :(

  • UNIMPR3553D

    So this guy is just pushing buttons?

    • Jonty Kennedy

      Yes, in the same way a pianist is just pressing keys.

  • CP

    Alot of flashing lights really distracts from the lack of finger drumming.

  • Zonta

    I’d like to see a freestyle battle between mad zach and Nev. Nev has great programmer talent..If it’s not pre-programed, Mad Zach takes the best finger drummer trophy.

  • Bcrogan


  • me

    actually everyone should have something like this at home.
    btw: that reminds me, that it would be quite nice for the Americans, because they are all so gun nuts ….. OO * look around * ….. gentle cough …. and quickly away >>

  • chris

    looks great
    needs surely a lot of practice like finger-breakdance.

    there are a few steps for learning practice
    this is very similar to Car-driving and shifting the gear.

    i don’t know how much you have actually to repeat it, so that you doesn’t think more about what you doing. There are steps between from 300 times to 10.000.

    i remember that, at 300 times it will started to be automatically

    and than you have it in your blood.

  • Liam Roberts

    Dounload his project file for this in the description of the video

  • Liam Roberts

    thats impressive… it looks fake when he side is fingers

  • David (MadZler)

    i love what he did with doctor p’s track :)

  • Vader Trackerz

    is it a fake routine?
    it seems that he only make appears shape on controller but not really play the song we can listen……

    • The Mad Beaver

      Yes, I guess so.
      It’s way too complex for simple fingerdrumming. Guess he’s only launching the LEDs.. I mean come on, we haven’t got the point where you can make Skrillex-like songs out of the blue!

      • Vader Trackerz

        the thing who disturb me is that djtechtools say “hello , look at this amazing “routine” the guy played and filmed”.
        but it is not a routine, it’s just ….. a guy who tap in tempo on a launchpad and make happear shape….
        so don’t call this a routine pls, guys who make really nice routine won’t like this article (as me for example, it’s a troll lol)

        • Pablito Pourkoi

          The other routine aren’t fake and they are fucking awseome !!!!! the begining of the video is real fingerdrumming but not the drop

        • Mozzy

          This is talent. I’d like to see you do something even remotely comparable to this routine. Too many of you N00bz criticize talent and trash the internet with unnecessary useless feedback..

          • Vader Trackerz

            this not a routine that’s all
            i don’t trash, it’s nice , it’s funny but not a routine (ok noob :) )

          • Vader Trackerz

            funny to see tou talk about this and don’t understand that the guy isn’t really playing, you such bad to don’t see that …… XD

          • Mozzy

            Whatever bro. Let’s see you do something like this before you talk smack. I don’t even know why I’m arguing with someone who can hardly spell anyways…

      • Mozzy

        Why don’t you download the sample pack he has for “free” and find out for yourself bud. The resources are there. It’s up to you to be intelligent enough to make that decision for yourself when you download Ableton, download the project file, then hit a couple midi pads ;)

      • Kamohsnap

        dude pls!!!! nev is awesome his music is real.

    • Dan White

      The project file has both the clips segmented out individually and the MP3 file to “play along to”. I’m guessing this routine might be elements of each.

      Either way, it’s worth noting that he has other videos that are very much live performances. Check this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlMDf5u4ATQ

      • Guest

        The mp3 is only in the file for reference and because when he was chopping up the song for samples he probably just forgot to remove it when he was finished. Besides, it was his first video and he probably wasn’t expecting the large numbers he has now. 100% of the sounds are played live.

    • Jonty Kennedy

      I can assure you that it isn’t fake. I downloaded the projects as soon as they came out and now I can play them. The buttons make 100% of the noises and the lights are just for show. The sliding in the Tetris video isn’t meant to look real and his fingers are at least 1 inch above the launchpad in that video. If you still don’t believe me then you can watch a 20 minute break down video he did on how to play one of the songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUfQXaxGNNA&feature=share&list=UUMjbH-ClUagombcQrFZfHAg
      I hope that cleared some stuff up.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc9JPZrX4DHRbR8XvyfvNkQ BRun@ RZW

        Well I do not quite understand what you mean but as you number 1 fan of Nev, nothing you say will make me not to defend morte.Nev, I LOVE U rocked xD

  • Stefan

    This is some sick shit. Holy moly

  • Dave


  • Nic

    HO-LY-FUCK 0_0