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  • http://www.antifmradio.com/ antifm

    dam…here i thought my podcasting tutorial would have made it,but in the grand scheme of things, i guess it doesn’t compare as much with the number of articles published. this site has taught a lot of people, a lot of new things with these articles. great work djtt

  • Daniel

    Great articles! Kudos and thank you!

  • bnja

    You guys are amazing!! Thank you for a wonderful year of great content, and wishing you a successful year ahead!

  • Bryant E.

    Great articles and a big THANK YOU for supplying them all year long!

  • chris avesam

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  • http://www.woodsidemediagroup.com/ Amani

    Excellent review of 2013. I enjoyed the Mediocre DJ’ing, Finding Gigs and Record Pool posts. I still use them as references and share with fellow DJ’s.