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    Just curious if anyone from DJTT or the community has plans to make a Traktor mapping for RP-8000′s?? Perhaps something that compliments the Kontrol Z2?? I could see that being a pretty awesome combo in the right hands!! Thoughts @DjTechTools??

  • DjDiamond Lee

    Whats the difference between just adding some dicers to any table for $99

  • matrick

    rp-8000 vs tech 1210 comparison vidio – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPSvzgsB7UM

  • brent watters

    i’m all for vinyl performance video but I would have much rather seen something that showcases the midi capabilities of these turntables. I would love to see what someone like DJ Shiftee can do


    Awesome performance! I love this song… anyone know the name? I see these turntables have up to 4 times the torq of tech1200s! Love the internal grounding and MIDI capability. Will have to see if price is reasonable…

  • Chaser720

    Would love to hear some comments from people that have used these and Technics and how they compare.

    • Matt

      Having used Tech-12s religiously for several years (had to sell them to make rent a few years back, sad but all too common story ha!) I can say that these feel very very very similar. It’s the first time I’ve used decks other than 1200s that felt *proper*. Might finally be time to bust out the vinyls again…