• DJ Peeti-V

    So is it worth the upgrade for DJs?

  • greg lyons

    its bs when a company charges users to upgrade to a newer version with the same features plus a keyboard. just makes me mad

    • http://bassdrop.ca/ JamesBassdrop

      It’s not like you have to upgrade if you don’t think it’s any better or that it’s bad value.

  • mil0

    Just one correction… I’ve been a mik user since v2… the v6 upgrade is free for me.

    • YV_Miami

      You’re one of the few people who got free lifetime updates because you bought Mixed In Key in 2006 or 2007. Thanks for being there from the start.

  • Eero Huotari

    Waiting for an accuracy review of this one like the comparisons you did before!

    • Chad

      I like seeing the comparisons too because they promote harmonic mixing as a whole, and that’s a good thing. It’s important to take a deeper look into the results though, we always rely on several musicians to verify our results at MIK because for a lot of electronic music the key can be subjective because there either isn’t a strong melody or aren’t a lot of different notes used.

    • stefanhapper

      DJ Endo has done an excellent comparison of key detection with MiK, Traktor and others: http://blog.dubspot.com/endo-harmonic-mixing-key-detection-analysis/

      It would indeed be interesting to rerun the test with MiK version 6 to see if the results really got better.