• Gerg? Csikós

    I mean,, I do not remember any fingerdrumming vid done with one hand before. :P The title should be “… on two MFs”

  • kontrol x1 mk2


  • Djblackjack

    btw what soundpacks are you using in that video?

  • Djblackjack

    man i really wish i had enough money for a midifighter 3D or pro now….. they look awesome!!

  • mike

    where is the rest of the video? it ends abruptly at like a minute and a half… :/

  • Mannequin

    Zach, you do some insane work on those controllers. It’s motivated me to practice FD more :)

  • Scott Carritt

    this shit is straight tabasco sauce.

  • frederik

    Awesome i am gonna try this out :D