• RDiiO

    This looks awesome for able ton but how’s the latency especially when playing in live midi clips in the key and pad modes?

  • Airyck

    While touchable is very cool it doesn’t seem like you are able to access anything inside of a drum rack as far as devices go. The only thing you can control in a drum rack is the 8 macros and play the drum pads. You can’t access the controls of simpler or sampler or any of the FX or sends and returns inside a rack (push might be limited in this area but it can at least control “some” parameters in a drum rack).

    Also a real manual would be nice. I hate watching videos to try and find information, there is no way to reference what you’re looking for. You sit and watch a video for 10 minutes and then the info you are looking for isn’t there. So you watch another 10 minute video and it’s not there either. You end up wasting hours just trying to find out if it can do a particular thing or not.

    It’s got potential but has a long way to go IMO.

  • tony

    touchable 2 does look grea,t but it seems silly to learn a whole new GUI (even if it is very intuitive) to control another. makes more sense to wait till touch screens on computers catch up a bit then just touch the actual Live GUI.

  • Animus

    Well despite everyone going omg this is so amazing its in fact flawed… You can’t browse your own samples only the default one that come with ableton. You can’t load vsts only the default stuff that comes with ableton. When deleting or loading a new channel via the app it doesn’t reflect the change in the app. It shows in ableton (sometimes). The visual feedback is what’s killing the use off this program. I constantly have to go back to the Mac which defeats the purpose of this app. Also incredibly annoying that I can’t rearrange the fx/processing chains in the devices section of a channel. I just end up using the mouse and put the ipad away due to frustration. I’m using a brand new MacBook Pro and ipad 4 with 64gb wifi only. Using ableton live 9 suite (legal copy).

    • Christian Blomert

      Unfortunately Lives API does not allow loading your own Samples or VSTs. It is the same limitation with their own Push. However, adding / deleting tracks should definitely be reflected within the app, so if this problem persists – please get in touch with our support: support@touch-able.com

      • Animus

        will do thank you, very strange that about the inability to access the complete browser, do you guys have an SDK for this app? Feel like it shouldnt be a limitation, at least thats what my circle of geeks think.

  • ronharris

    why are those apps not for windows? there are powerful machines out there with big touch screens. i dont want an i pad .

  • Marcello Mag Di Sante

    Touchable 2 doesn’t work with Mavericks (Mac Os X 10.9) … There’s a lot of users (just like me) who are complaining … neither Live Control 2 works with Live 9.1 … Maybe You should also mention it … So there are NO winners, from my point of view (that is the same point of view of many other users, of course) !

    • Dan White

      I’ve reached out to the developers and asked them to comment here.

      • Marcello Mag Di Sante

        Thank You … :-) actually, i’m already in contact with Touchable Support and they’re very nice … and i’m sure that the same is with Liine support … We users are simply impatient to use brand new versions of the apps without an issue …

  • http://chayanroy.com/ chayan

    How does the isomorphic keyboard work for you guys?

  • Dave

    I have just purchased touchable 2. I don’t have all the available icons on the transport bar at the top of the screen. In particular the browser icon. Is there any reason why?

    • bbindon

      Same problem here….

    • sylvain/touchAble

      youbare probably usin live 8, so browser and new live 9 features are not shown ;)

      • Dave

        Yeah, thanks for the reply!

  • Mahogany

    i’m not participating but Rafflecopter is NOT CHEAT FREE…

  • http://www.shonstarr.com/ Shon Starr

    AGREED!!! I think Touchable 2 is an amazing app. I also have Live Control 2, but everything moves a lot more intuitively in Touchable, the many split screen options are great, plus the ablity to load instruments and devices makes it king for me… I also own Push and Touchable 2 could easily replace it, but I come from an MPC background and I enjoy playing real pads and having a lot more space to jam… The engineers and creators are killing it right now here in Berlin with some really cool products. My hat goes off to them. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Crispy

    I was a big fan of v1, and now I’m loving the update. I’ve gigged with it several times and it has worked perfectly. The connection protocol seems more reliable now too, which finally puts it into “it just works” territory. So far my biggest gripe with it is the sheer number of abstract icons that you have learn. Some tiny text labels that can be turned on/off would be helpful feature.

    • http://www.onelifeblog.ca Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey Crispy, yes there is a ton of icons. I’d definitely check out the built in manual in the app. It explains all the controls. Might even be good to print off a sheet with the controls you use most and keep it handy while using touchable.

  • http://www.antifmradio.com/ antifm

    DAMMIT! And i just ordered an iPad 2 to use my FL Mobile app! HAHA
    well, lets see how it works for me. Chances are, ill end up with an ableton App as well on it

  • Drazen Gojkovic

    You didn’t mentioned powerful MIDI clip editing capabilities, which in my opinion is one of the biggest features. I’m using TouchAble 2 for a few days now, and that feature alone is like a dream come true.

    • http://www.onelifeblog.ca Ryan Dejaegher

      Yes, shame on me for not mentioning that. It’s truly incredible how many features are in the update.

  • http://theditchparty.tumblr.com/ evolakim

    I’m using the new iPad mini w/ retina and the A7 chip. This app alone makes me wish I’d have gat the Air. Oh well. I’m going to buy Touchable anyway. I also have PUSH, so these two together should be the ultimate in Live control.
    has anyone used this on a mini? Or, any comments from devs? thanx

    • http://www.onelifeblog.ca Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey evolakim. Yes I’m actually using it with the first generation iPad mini and it works great!

      • http://theditchparty.tumblr.com/ evolakim

        Nice!!!! I’m on it!!! Thanks for creating this!

  • Tim Koranda

    I have been using Touch-Able in both live and studio environments since the beginning. The granular level of control you have over devices at any given moment is very empowering. Some of this stuff just can’t be accurately represented by a traditional hardware device like PUSH. Not to mention recording automated XY’s for more organic movement in a track. That being said I own PUSH as well.. Mainly to have a tactile surface to build melodies, and basic drum sequencing with the velocity sensitive pads etc. The rotaries are just OK… not grippy enough or big enough for performance needs but just right for minor tweaks in the studio. I though I might throw out my APC40 but I’ve found it very useful given its large rotaries that track the active device and feel better when getting creative with automation. I use several Ipads running Touch-Able. They are wifi so I can run them side by side for more real estate or pick one up and put it on a stand with my midi keyboard so I have full granular control over a synth in front of me while I play.. and when I travel I take only my laptop, my headphones and Touch-Able and I have a very powerful mobile studio. These key pieces make my Studio a Dream to work with right now… And Touch-Able is at the center of it all! Much LUV Guys Luv Luv Luv your work!

  • Damien M

    Hey! I think you missed an important point in this review. Particularly in regard to the title.

    I’m producing a little bit (just a few tracks and one remix, nothing released at the moment) so my level in producing is a bit better than a beginner. Since I began to work with Ableton, I use touchAble. Why? Because I thought that it was the master tool, including a big amount of functionality and that I wouldn’t need more, but I was wrong. The first version did not included all the crazy features of the second one but I don’t want talk about that. The problem of the iPad is that you will never have the feeling to turn a knob or use a fader. So sometimes it’s a quite boring, especially when this is about control of the gain, mastering stuff etc. That is why a few months later my purchase of TouchAble I bought an Evolution UC33.

    However this haptic missing feeling don’t not disturb everybody. I’m just like that and several people not. There is also the problem of the size of the ipad but you mentioned it and the ability of touchable to zoom in/out is quite good.

    Even if I didn’t try TouchAble 2, in this context and IMO, an app and a tablet will never ” beat ” a real device, that is why I will buy a Push in a few days. However TouchAble is a great tool and I will continue to use it next to the Push. I think both – real devices and tablet technologies, complete each other in fact :)

    See you,

    • http://www.onelifeblog.ca Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey Damien, how’s it going? I do agree nothing can truly replace physical hardware (at this time). However for people who already have already purchased a $400+ tablet then $24.99 is a huge bargain to get all the functionality of Push in something as small as an iPad Mini.

      I think if you already have an iPad and your trying to decide if you want Push, give Touchable a try to get a sense of the similar features (isomorphic keyboard, clip launching etc.)

      • Damien M

        Fine. Yeah thanks to my job I already have an iPad. I’m not trying to decide me, as I was saying I will buy an Ableton Push and use it together with TouchAble 2. Just have to download the V2 and install it ;)
        However if I had nothing and 500$ I would choose the Push against an iPad + TouchAble for the hardware reason. All the best

        • http://www.onelifeblog.ca Ryan Dejaegher

          That’s fair. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to decide =). You’ll get the best of both worlds.

    • Sylvain/ touchAble

      Damien, please consider using the MIDI hardware connection feature, you’d love it. http://youtu.be/-mU7KQbbag4

    • Damien M

      Thanks for the advice mister K. I really have to upgrade my TouchAble, the second version looks really great. You deserves congratulations for all this work by the way. Cheers

  • Phil Worrell

    These things are seriously calling for a ipad – large edition. imagine controlling your studio or DJ kit from something a bit bigger. Ah Star Trek next generation LCARS coming soon.
    Already partially control my IDJ pro using Traktor from TouchOSC already. More space would be more than welcome

  • Fat Mandy

    Which versions of Ableton is this compatible with?

    • Dan White

      Fully compatible with Live 8, Live 9 (intro, standard, suite)

      • hawn solo

        Even 9.1? I currently have lemur and livecontrol 2 and it stopped working with 9.1

        • http://www.onelifeblog.ca Ryan Dejaegher

          I’ll contact Sylvain to confirm.

        • Christian Blomert

          Hey Guys – it’s great to read all these nice comments :) it’s a huge boost to our motivation to hear that our work can make an impact on the way some of you make music. Thanks for the raving review Ryan!

          About Live 9.1: touchAble 2 is completely compatible with any version of Live above 8.2.8 – 9.1 included!

          Not sure what broke LiveControl2 in 9.1, but i assume it’s nothing too big!

        • http://www.shonstarr.com/ Shon Starr

          Yeah it’s not working with my 9.1. A message will just remain on the screen that it is Connecting to Live, but it never connects. It works fine with my 9.0.6 though.

          • Christian Blomert

            Hey Shon,

            You have to reinstall the touchAble Server & Scripts and make sure that the 9.1 installation is selected during setup. Afterwards setup the MIDI/Sync settings like before and restart Live. After you should be good to go.

            You’ll need to do this whenever you install a new version of Live without auto updating.

          • http://www.shonstarr.com/ Shon Starr

            Hey Christian, works like a charm now. Thank you for the info.

          • diarmaidomeara

            Excellent, thanks for that. I had problems with mavericks, so I updated live, then I had problems with my soundcard because of mavericks, then Touchable stopped working.. As you can imagine I was pissed. It’s perfect now tho!

    • Damien M

      Compatible with Live 8 and Live 9, Intro, Standard & Suite.

  • Andrew

    Just got an iPad air too! I’m really thinkin about getting Touchable now.

    • http://chayanroy.com/ chayan

      awesome mate, with the increased processing power it should run even better!

  • chayan

    I’ve been telling everyone of about how this app can actually come close to and be even better than push, can we use two ipads with 2 instances of touchable controlling a single instance of ableton, I guess that ‘d be cool since touchable now is only limited by the size of the ipad.