• djim

    it looks great but the real problem is always the software . we need somebody to stand up and bring us us the perfekt software … i will buy one .

  • DJ KLE3N

    I would totally buy one. I use an S2 and two F1s now to get the systems I need to perform. And, I am still lacking in being able to control all of the internal cue points programmed in to my tracks. I would LOVE to have a system that I could customize for my playing style.

  • madmik

    Hmmmm… as an engineer, a have an idea to “fix” the buttons, sliders, etc using super magnets… and make the modules thicker to accommodate the right electronics. Accuracy is SO important here, if a button has latency (lag) then your timing goes out the window, or a slider can’t be programmed with the correct curve, then what’s the use?!? And how would you make everything work together ;-)

  • jeff

    Awesome! NI should make the jog bigger like the CDJ

  • dancenoise

    if that will not need a controller for the needs of the DJ, and to work with ableton live? or monome

  • http://www.slackitude.com jgerry

    I’ve been wanting something like this ever since the Vestax VCI-100 came out. Let me arrange the controls my way please!

    I’ve been thinking about tearing apart my X1, F1, and Z1 to crib something like this together. Yes it will probably become a $600 broken experiment. :-)

  • AntonJayy

    WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS?! get a kick starter or something going on here.

  • Rayalon

    The designer is a genius. This is a brilliant idea from a design point of view.
    NI should definitely hire this guy.

  • The great dj swindle

    It is Lego already.

  • Pierre Xax Golfier

    So freaking amazing! Do you thing i could be possible to see a king of S6 with 4 jogweels and so buttons and knobs mixer? It would be awesome

  • Richard III

    What I particully appreciate with NI stuff is that they are rock-solid. Every single part holds verry still and alway perfectly works. I doubt we can garanty the same quality and resistance with blocks designed to be switched, moved, removed and replaced.

    Basically, i prefer to adapt myself to a 100 reliable and unbreakable controller, which I did wit an akai MPD 24, more than to create my own design without being sure to the phisical and electronical reliabilty.

    This said, if works and holds still, I would be the first to order one!

  • Jack
  • David (MadZler)

    Great concept but I’m not sure if it would be technologically possible to do that… Maybe have a customize-able kind of thing like that (like DJTT does). Great idea anyway.

  • White Wulfe

    A unit similar to the Beatpad&DJ design would be nice, but designed as more of an addition to an already existing two deck setup. I’d love a pair of Kontrol F1s, but I’d much rather have MPC (or Maschine) style pads with velocity sensitivity without losing the top half of the F1s.

  • Edward Midgley

    Would definitely get one, looks incredible… I’d probably spend to much time playing with it than using it though! :D

  • scamo

    A square touch pad is missing as a controller option. Other than that, cool idea.


  • Palace One

    I think it’s a very cool thing. You can start with a simple controller and only take what you need. When you get better and better you can add new buttons and can grow your variety and skills step by step. I started with an s2 and after a while it was not enough for me, so i bought a MF classic and later the F1 to use all the things that i wanted to.
    If you want a chance in your setup, you can just buy a piece of the controller and don’t have to buy a completely new one, what is pretty nice. also it’s more friendly for the environment :) would be cool if sth like this comes up in the next few years

  • Jerome Baker

    This is just amazing why isnt this out yet? Damn i can only imagine the things myself and others can come up with. Not only will a bunch of us be using traktors but theyll all be customized to our own play styles. This needs to be released asap!

  • DJ Ollie

    I think this is a great idea! Also believe this will be attainable very soon. This is the solution to all electronics and related hardware that constantly gets updated. Has anyone seen this Kickstarter Project called Phoneblok?

  • Adam

    The ultimate controller

  • Dink Detroit

    I would still be baffled why anyone would want a jog wheel at that point.

  • voltriix

    You could use cdjs on the side and use the s4 as a sick mixer/beatpads

  • May

    Yes! This concept actually reminds me of this a little bit. -http://www.retrothing.com/2010/06/gakken-ex-150.html

  • Brandy Spain


  • Skycaptain

    NO Build a modular MIDI FIGHTER that would be SICK

  • Aki

    Traktor S4 with Allen & heath mixer inside!!!dreams…

  • Adam Seckel

    Regardless of the merits of this idea the layout idea for the “beatpad & dj” controller is really cool.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      Why do an all-in-one unit when you can buy discrete units like Maschine or MPD drum interfaces for the pads to enhance your existing layout? Most people are not very good at creating ergonomic (or logical) layouts… but they think they are.

  • filippo

    no jogwheel in my s4 :)

  • DJ Rapture

    This needs to happen. We need to get this concept to Native Instruments. Everyone, send this to any of your friends who’d be even remotely interested, and send it to NI by whatever means possible – Facebook, Twitter, whatever you can do. Have your friends share it too – this needs to get to them.

    • Kevin Schrader

      I actually sent it to the TRAKTOR Facebook page asking them to make it real and I think if everybody does that the chance that they really do it won’t be bad…

  • Aken

    That would be a perfect idea. I especially love the model on the picture :p

  • Ben Roytenberg

    Genius. But mapping would be a long and strenuous process.

  • http://djworx.com/ Mark Settle

    How do the controls lock in? I see a lot of EQ knobs flying off mid use. And such shallow faders will make them unsuitable for scratch DJs. And labelling? But I absolutely love the idea, and have done since the Mawser. I especially like how the whole layout is in a grid – that’s how our brains work.

    I’ve always wanted to stimulate a 3rd party market (go Chroma Caps!) and have pioneered for standards. Imagine being able to buy all manner of different controls of different quality and functionality, knowing that they’ll simply drop into place and just work. Individual Akai Pro MPC pads? Hell yes.

    This is a really cool idea that I hope takes off. But there many technological hurdles to overcome with this before it sees the light of day. Looking forward to watching this develop.

    • Dan White

      The issue is that the market is set up to prevent this from ever happening – Akai would never sell or license individual MPC pads because they stand to make way more money by selling an entire MPC than a unit for a modular controller like this. Maybe if the inMusic family makes a modular pro controller…?

      • http://djworx.com/ Mark Settle

        As wonderful as the idea is, I doubt it would have enough traction for inMusic to even be interested in the relatively small numbers. Most DJs just want plug and play, and probably couldn’t be fussed with designing the perfect layout and the mapping that would do with. For the majority, there is an existing controller that is near enough, or indeed ideal with perhaps a little technique adaptation.

        If only we could build a DJ system on a component level like we can say a mountain bike.

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          You’d then be insulting the Design team.

  • Bedo Stambolyan

    This is an idea put into imagery that a lot of people have wished to see for a long time. I’m pretty certain that if its not NI who implements a similar approach, another company will. The touch and motion technology doesn’t seem to be having great success in the dj industry mainly because of the fact that most of us want to touch and feel with our hands when we perform. A customizable controller will not only make it very personal and convenient but will help a lot of artists enhance their sets.

  • K

    Not really feasible with faders. Jogs too?

    • Lobie

      ya, there’s just a lot more hardware necessary for those kinds of components that can fit in such a shallow casing.

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    It’s a nice idea but you have to wonder about the durability and ‘real value’ of the product. Whilst having direct control over configuration would be nice I expect most people would end up with something pretty similar to most prebuilt S4 type controllers. I think a customized product would fit better with a Midi Fighter type controller as opposed to an “all in one” device.

    • TJP

      Agreed. I think the real potential of this idea is as a deck or additional controller.

  • bru

    hell yeah

  • Nolej

    “Concept” is the important bit here. Actually designing a system would be a ridiculously huge task, and getting it to be affordable would be nearly impossible.
    I really would like someone to prove this wrong, but I don’t see it happening, at least not as hardware.

    • Nicolas Ian Coffman


    • voltriix

      whoever makes the physically customizable controller affordable is going to make a lot of money

      • Nolej

        Whoever manages to combine modularity, functionality, simplicity and affordability in any domain is going to make a lot of money.

    • Therm0ptic

    • Rutger Willems

      I can’t see why this would be so difficult?

  • Jake Hale

    I.. I’m going to need a moment…

  • Traktor Tips

    Great for replaceable parts and something we should maybe move towards. It’s time to bring the disposable culture to an end. If we could all build whatever we wanted from a stock of parts, it would reduce the need to throw away and buy new stuff as it came out. This way we could just update the parts.

    • Dan White

      A great point – having modular elements should ideally mean less waste – but it would be really nice if manufacturers just designed a good solution for products at the end of their lifecycle. Let me recycle my old controllers, please.

      • Elroy

        just like ‘Phoneblok’ awesomeness

        • Fiderman

          My first thought when I saw this.

      • Traktor Tips

        Yes, also a great point. An end of cycle return initiative, perhaps including rebate on an upgrade would be perfect. That would also maybe keep the customer in the companies product range.

    • Vader Trackerz

      so it won’t never happen, cause NI want to take our money like all industry ^^

      • Blue Collar Prophet

        agree with all of the above here… I would absolutely LOVE to have this sort of flexibility and control over my setup and not be confined to what the company things is the best overall solution (although they are pretty good at it). BUT I’m not sure how easy it would be to get a company like NI to give up the over all bulk sales for the more spread out longer lasting sales… but hey i don’t know them personally so lets HOPE!! ;)