• Alexis

    hi . im a 13 year old boy thats gotten a big passion and interest in djing .so my mom bought me a Dj mixer called the Edison professional scratch 2500 . and so iv already played at a couple of partys between my moms friends and some of my family members . but heres the thing the only reason i scower the web looking for articles about djing is because i want to be noticed by the world or atleast get produced by a producer or somthing ..also my other reason for scowering the web is because i want to get better at djing i can mix music well and yea but i want to learn how to make remixes and learn the full teachings about djing . could you help me? thanks for listening bye

  • iltoro

    Great man thanks a lot
    people don t know what about they speak
    this is knowledge shared for free
    Learn and shut up
    Music is the future

  • jason

    what kind of effects do i use if i want a more snappy sounding snare

  • Hauke Frederik Pengel

    As I already commented on Youtube, this is one of the best drum layering videos I’ve seen. Thank you.

  • TriX5tar

    Thank you so much. A great help.

  • Lex Wily

    Great article and with the availability of tools and knowledge online these days, this is an excellent starting point. Yes it can be overwhelming to a newbie but I wish I had something like this years ago. Experimenting with gated reverbs has yielded some great results as well to create room without being pushed back in a mix.

  • ohmicide
  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    of course another awesome technique to make great thumping snares is to get a Vengeance dubstep snare sample and layer with an acoustic snare sample.

    Or to synthesize your own thumping 200hz-ish snare and mix that with a real drum sample!

    Hell even hitting a cardboard box can make a good snare if properly recorded! :D

  • Super_Xero

    Great content, needs a better editor haha

  • Jake Hale

    YAYAYAYAY!!! i’ll dig into this when I get home, this is literally what I asked for!

  • Realist

    I think this is a great article, definitely some tips here that I haven’t been using before that could help future productions.

    Diversity of articles is a great idea. Keep up the good work DJTT

  • Ewan Collins

    I think DJTT are better at DJ articles, not producer ones. These ones would be good for beginners, but really your DJ and Controllerism Articles are so much better.

    • dos

      I liked them (djtt) better on music production stuff. Many djs are learning from this kind of article so don’t be a basher

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      concerning these articles by Lenny Kiser, i don’t think they are inferior to the DJ and controllerism articles. quite the contrary! this guy has made pretty much the best how to videos i’ve seen on the subject.

  • Aken

    Or use a snare sample.

    • Jake Hale

      yeah, why try to be original, right?

      • Aken

        what is original when you layer samples to obtain something that sounds like a snaredrum?

        • luciusnatick

          Layering samples can actually change a sound rather dramatically, pitch-shifting and phase cancellation and so on. Look it up and you’ll find tutorial/demonstration videos of people making snare samples out of odd sounds they record around the house, which together form a pretty spot-on snare drum.

          • Aken

            But at the end, do we have a snaredrum or not?

          • Jake Hale

            You must be trolling.

          • Kerry

            Do all snares sound the same? Nope.

    • Rz

      setting up a sample trough layering allows you to match different sounds in a way that better suits the kind of track you are trying to make, be it something that wants a snappy drummachine snare or a really woody dubby snare sound. You arent limited to stacking similair-sounding snare samples on top of each other, you can use whatever.