• http://www.facebook.com/jimmy.burn.5283 Jimmy Burn

    any specs on the sound card end of things? great looking for the money, when are behringer releasing their modular line? cant wait!

  • Primar

    B*tch please, how could you even compare controller at prize 200€ with another one at prize 500€… One tip for you: Wake up ;-)

    I wonder that in this age is still somebody so dumb that he pays 500€ for 2 deck controller in Europe. For that amount of money I can buy 
    Stanton STR8.150 :)

  • Whywedo

    0:42 OMG I’m a DJ now!!! My dreams have come true…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1137292039 Ronald Edwards

    Yawn inspiring because every other controller on the market either already does this or more than this.

  • goodguy

    “we’re wondering why Reloop didn’t just call this the Terminal Mix 2!”
    Ummm, because it’s not the Terminal Mix 2?  That’s a whole different controller due shortly?

  • techtitch

    Are the jogs of equivalent resolution to the S2/4? I reckon this would be much easier to set up and get working smoothly than S2/4/Traktor, and would run on a lower spec machine. VirtualDJ is just so robust on struggling machines. I’d consider it a downgrade, but I’d consider swapping my S4 for a 4-deck one of these for this advantage. I’ve had enough of configuring Traktor.

  • Brian

    It looks pretty cool but I’m not really crazy about the chrome spinner wheels.

  • Rutger Willems

    hate those vids, but i have to say it’s not worse than the ergo :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/markku.uttula Markku Uttula

      Last week, I had another DJ playing with Ergo. I was originally interested in the controller (even though I own S4 myself) , but seeing the amount of problems he was having running it with Traktor … not anymore. It appeared to be a piece of scheiße :-p

  • Jim

    The guy in the video looks like such a twat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1523481467 Alvin Capalad

    It’s only $249 and it will be released in July according to Reloop’s Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/ReloopDJcom

    It’s not going to compete with the S2, but probably with the Mixtrack PRO, Vestax Typhoon, their own Reloop Mixage IE, and the new Behringer CMD-Studio-4A. They’re probably just covering all their bases, since the Mixage IE was not designed for scratch DJs, so they’re making one.

    I’m not a scratch DJ, I like the Mixage IE more. The Mixage IE is designed for Traktor and the build quality is more rigid. This Beatmix seems to be plasticky in nature, weighing 1.5 pounds less.

  • Djpeopleskills

    You can’t compare this to the S2.  The S2 has so much more going for it

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear how very flat those jog wheels are. Flatness is the thing, I hear that most jogwheels are all lacking. (wtf?) Also it’s not a dream, it’s what we’ve all been using for the past five years.

  • D Holling


  • RockingClub

    Quite lame. Not even 8 hot cue buttons to be better than the S2 in even one thing. Out of that I would definitely pick the S2

  • Draxx1200


  • Aj

    Do you mean “VU meters”?

  • alpha_5_

    “it’s not a dream: it’s beatmix”


    • Tragik11

      More like a nightmare … lol

  • Anonymous

    Nice simple controller…Love the large wheels… weirded out by the video. Question:
    There is a Elevator Dubstep sub-genre now? :p

  • Brian Kapellusch

    I’m a former Virtual DJ user and current Traktor user.  I understand that there’s a few features that Traktor lacks that VDJ has, but I’ll pick Traktor over VDJ now any day of the week.

    If this thing does end up being $399 and you can get the S2 for $449 (with Traktor included of course), I’m not sure why most people would pick the VDJ option.

    • DJ LMS

      FYI…you can get the S2 for $399 from Best Buy and Guitar Center until the end of the month.