• Steve Immendorf

    Thanks much for the review! I think I wait on this software until they add more features, such as the save project, slicing, and cut and paste. Other than that, it looks like it has potential to be a replacement for Acid for what I do. Thanks again!

  • The Vigilant

    Folloming your advice I purchased this program and made this: http://snd.sc/Aikbxv
    I find Mashup to be really user friendly and a wonderfull introduction both to remix producing and harmonic keying (if one could say)
    I would really appreciate feedback from you guys
    peace from France

  • Batking

    French touch mash Up? Go here: http://soundcloud.com/batking

  • Adrianlemiski_12
  • Yakov @ Mixed In Key


    Yakov from Mixed In Key here.  We’re adding 4 features in a free update:

    1) Copy/paste inside the same track2) Looping3) Even more precise automatic beatmatching4) Lots of performance enhancements to make the software faster

    We’re working on that right now, and we’ll release the update soon.


  • Rusty Stanberry

    My first Mashup attempt using the same rules listed above.

  • Nico


    They are trying to push the concept of harmonic mixing, and if you are going to do a mashup, you need to know that the tracks are compatible. That’s good.

    This is a 1.0 release. It is trying to reinvent the wheel, and there will be a lot of effort necessary to manage what is already done well by other software. More expensive software for sure, but really if you need to produce stuff and you can’t afford to pony up, what do people do? They pirate it. Not that I condone in any way but this is a reality.

    So, they may make a few bucks selling this as a novelty. I sincerely wish them luck, because they are a great company with a great way of doing things, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Anyway, not negative at all towards the product, it is really good in its own way, but is only a toy, and will stay this way unless great effort is taken to bring it up to standards. Which is IMHO, useless, because that has already been done elsewhere.

    Now, to be positive, what I would really like to have, and would gladly buy, is a piece of software that would tell me, in the tradition of super user friendliness of Mixed in Key and Platinum Notes, how I could make tracks that are not harmonically compatible fit.

    We have in DJ software the ability to alter independently the key of a track. I need a software that would tell me how much I need to detune one track to make it fit harmonically with the one I’m playing.

    In a perfect world, I would also need key detection and this information to be directly available in my DJ software. A standalone software is not very easy to use in a live situation. MIK is just fine, because I can see the key value in Traktor, but I don’t see how you could easily implement my idea (well, I’m probably not the first one to have it). 

    So, the real question is: Would NI consider licensing MIK and integrate it in TPro? Yep, not holding my breath there either. Would sure be a great addition that would help their software be the best in class and outsell the competition ;) Just sayin’

  • DJ Artak

    nice software , agree with Zach about use cut, copy, and paste on tracks , its also will be great to add effects

  • DJ Artak

    nice software , agree with Zach about use cut, copy, and paste on tracks , its also will be great to add effects

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1137292039 Ronald Edwards

    I like that Mixed in Key is trying to build up a good product and they want to experiment on the worth of their efforts by releasing component pieces, but there are a lot of programs out there that do a lot more than this and people are willing to buy them. I would prefer that MiK make a full-fledged product (or mobile as the article reads) and release it versus making something which is the equivalent of a very well made One-Trick-Pony. Sure, mash-ups can be good and there’s probably a few hundred people out there who could use this tool, but most people will see this as a toy or a (dream crushing once they realize it’s not) “get famous quick” program because it’s really not a professional tool that will work with other professional tools.

  • Anonymous

    Zach’s gets my vote!:)


  • Mayhem

    Actually had a lot of fun with this… great simple, easy program 

  • http://www.djskinny.co.za/ Dj Skinny

    Very cool DJ software that I haven’t heard of!

  • http://twitter.com/djmazai djmazai

    soft for loosers….. ableton #1

  • Klickklock

    Fuck mash-ups.

    such a waste of good tunes when you thrown some clustery vocals over it.

    strictly audio can do wonders. but it only tears a set down.

    ps. im usually a vocalphobic. 

  • SlyMatik
  • SlyMatik
  • SlyMatik

    Any Police fans?  

  • iRate

    Pretty cool program and good work, my 1st place goes to Zach, 2nd place Dan, and 3rd place Mitch. Look on the bright side everyone gets a trophy lol it’s like “Mario Kart” lol 

  • http://www.facebook.com/djcrunchtime Ray Djcrunchtime

    Im feeling the first guy’s mix. djspacecamp. the two tracks actually fit together nicely 

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/lewislace LewisLace

    I think wit practice and some basic music theory study you can achieve moderate “mashups” without the need to spend $40 on another piece of software. As I see producers / DJ’s as musicians there should have already be a natural ear to hear when sounds can properly relate to each other.

    • MidVinter

      Most of them havent got the natural ear or talent, lots of contacts and got full viral spread yes, talent no! thats why so much crap are pushed over the airwaves.

      Its the musical market that control what you, me anybody else are going to listening to.

      Taste, talent and skill has gone right out the window.

      To be able to create you need an understanding whats going on, you cant do that without proper tutering, some are self tought, others have a natural ability to comprehend, the rest, well no need for further explenation, just watch youtube and you ll see what i mean!



  • Foolio


  • Teo

    Why do some of people constantly feel the need to critique the editorials… Give it a rest, we’re all here for the same reason and it’s not for spell check or grammar grading… Did you understand what the subject matter was all about? Did the point come across enough for you to learn something that you might have known nothing about?? I personally never knew this product existed and now I do, Job done!

    Note to DJTT:
    (Thnx) for all you do! 

    • Danii

      amen, that is one uptight dude. get over the mistakes bro

  • http://www.facebook.com/hopethisfindsyouwell Alexander Danger Mednick

    while I have no issue with mash ups, I have a problem with software that makes it easy to get bad results.

    just seems pointless the same software price range includes: Ableton Live Intro , Sonar Academic, Pro Tools Recording Studio (which includes a sound card and costs less), and Reaper64 (one of the most incredible innovations in DAW tech IMHO)

    I don’t see why children should be encouraged to learn a piece of software they will never make a decent track / mash up on, that doesn’t integrate with “real” DAW’s and doesn’t share a workflow with pro software. its not an introduction, its a waste of time.

    all in my opinion of course. great review, defiantly going to be avoiding this software =p

    • Sarumanza

      “just seems pointless the same software price range includes: Ableton Live Intro , Sonar Academic, Pro Tools Recording Studio (which includes a sound card and costs less), and Reaper64 (one of the most incredible innovations in DAW tech IMHO)”

      Ableton Live Intro = $99
      Sonar Academic = Which one, there are three versions, ranging from $79 – $299 IF YOU ARE A STUDENT
      Pro Tools Recording Studio = $119.95

      Mashup = $39  - that’s a pretty big gap to be considering all of these in the same price range.

      • http://www.facebook.com/hopethisfindsyouwell Alexander Danger Mednick

        well considering most DAW’s cost upwards of £300 id say that counts as the same price range. more importantly whats your point?

        are you saying people SHOULD consider this a viable starting point? if so, I cant imagine youve made much music…

  • http://twitter.com/WooDzMuzik Anthony Woodruffe

    I was wondering whether Mash-up was going to be worth while but at $39 when I already own Traktor and Ableton, I’d rather use the money to buy music.

    Note to DJTT:
    Please can you proof read you editorials before you post. The above review has a few un-ended sentences, words missing and incorrect punctuation. Whereas a commenter can be forgiven for mistakes, I feel DJTT staff cannot. 

    • mail

      I Agree with Teo.  I hit the “like” button by mistake so I need to correct it…I do agree on proofing as much as possible before publishing, I also believe if you took the time to criticize you should also give time to thank DJTT for their work.

    • Bentti2000

      get over urself man! crying about spelling mistakes! have abit of appreciation for DJTT!! …………. o dear loadz of spelling mistakes in this one hahahahaha

    • http://twitter.com/WooDzMuzik Anthony Woodruffe

      I look forward to every new post by DJTT which has been added to my RSS feed since April Last year so I don’t miss something important. I am a fan and we can forgive minor mistakes. However DJTT is also a media site and it’s my view that there should also be a certain level of journalism that should adhered to. I positively comment often and I would say that the above comment is probably my 1st criticism of DJTT, which was intended as constructive but I feel some readers are a bit too emotionally attached to this blog.

      So let me put this into some sort of DJ analogy for you.

      You are very fond of DJ-X and you look forward to hearing their innovative mixes but after a while some of the new mixes aren’t quite as tight. In fact so much so that within a 30 minute mix there are 4 mistakes being from slightly un-synced mixing, muddy mid-sections, an unrhythmic beat-mash and an awkward drop mix.
      Would you not want to voice your opinion to DJ-X to let them know that you feel their quality has wavered a bit in recent months. Even if it’s the 3rd or 4th mix in a row like that? Or would you still be sending out praises and tell your friends “You gotta listen to DJ-X’s latest mix… Yeah there’s a few glitches in it but the non-mixed bits are gnarly as F…”

      Hopefully this reply may help people understand why I wrote the my initial comment. Is wasn’t to be unjustly negative but to let DJTT know I care; that this site stays on top of the game and continues to offer the high standard of professionalism that other ‘new media’ sites cannot match.

  • djexspensive

    as someone who wants to get into producing i find mashups a good place to start. Def a cool tool to help along the way. My ‘niggas in paris’ vs ‘levels (skrillex remix)’ mashup :) http://soundcloud.com/dj-exspensive/levels-in-paris-levels-1

  • Do$ha

    Dans mashup. LOLOLOL!

  • http://davepermen.net davepermen

    actually one can slice and cut’n’copy stuff around. it might not be that obvious, but one can take parts, drop them into a new track-line and move it around. allows (together with volume envelope) for any forms of cut copy paste scenarios.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cjthedj C.J. Crawford

    Probably should have bumped the bpm of the Bassnectar track to match the vocal instead but it is what it is!

  • killian

    personally not a fan of mash-ups! when i hear the term “mash up” i think of two tracks haphazardly thrown together with the final result being much worse than the source material. there are of course exceptions, but that seems to hold true for the most part as far as i can tell.
    mashup < mixing. 
    we don't need a bunch more crappily mashed songs from everybody and their mom polluting our airwaves, thank you. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/notsofrench Jason ‘Tiger’ LeBlanc

       ya… agreed

    • Mr.Wife

      spoken like a truly ignorant man good job

    • MidVinter

      You mean smashups or crashups!

      1. Mashups should be done with good taste
      2. The music must fit perfect, in time and key
      3. The music should follow through from the beginning to the end
      4. The Music should be in as good quality as possible
      5. The Mashup is a homage to several artists and should be a tool to be able to shine even more.
      6. A Mashup is ment to improve a mix by adding more, not trainwrecking or letting down the artists, in that case leave it alone and spin the originals instead.

      My 6 cents on the subject, cheers!