• MidVinter

    Denon MC 6000 is one of the best controllers out there, hands down, if you dont see this thats your loss,

    Cramped surface compared to other 4 channel controllers – Bullshit, theres plenty of room

    No loop length display ala Kontrol S4 – No need for a display, when you have it on T2P

    Won’t run via USB bus power alone – Double Bullshit, usb power SUX

    No inherent DVS support as of this writing, yeah well, deal with it, its a controller!

  • Dillinger23

    Came here for the hardware review… stayed for the handbag fight. Thanks to one and all for making me laugh this evening! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000380145751 Imran Shaikh

    Every thing is good in Denon mc6000
    only sound card is fuck all 48khz/16bit

    • MidVinter

      Mmm and i guess you spin sucky mp3, so who cares, if you actually got your head out your ass and got HQ music files, then it would matter!

      As long as you’ll play mp3s, just STFU!

  • Adrian

    Hi, today I tested this vs S4 (10/11/12) and I bough the Denon, What a surprise because I have large hands I am 5-11 but why? Well 1st the S4 is plastic toy like style vs metal, full rubber, hard plastic and visual colors, S4 is simple with small buttons most the same color.
    With S4 I felt my hands traveling too much between eq’s and fx or from eq to eq also the play, cue, sync buttons look alike all other major controllers have difference sizes or not bigger buttons, JOGWHEEL don’t get me started S4 is good size but it dips, you feel that with pressure the jogwheel pushes down just tiny bit vs denons solid hard but small jog wheels, response is the same. That thing about S4, S2 don’t use midi commands but something faster is like talking about decibels on speakers; You can’t tell or see the big difference! S4 cue volume/mix position is so badly position (who had that idea, not a dj or controllerist)

    Denon is small, tight and power horse with all the tools need it and it cost less, runs many programs, (if S4 runs virtual or any other, there are no videos or that).

    NI is love/hate the give us Traktor & others software they rock! Controllers are plastic and overprice, don’t believe the hype. Believe you can mix in anything that’s in front of you big or small. Peace & Love… www,DJMAOZ.com


    • MidVinter

      Viva MC 6000

  • Sean Scanlon

    i have the dn-6000 with vd 7 and find i am unable to cue can you help 

  • Zac

    hows the soundcard on this one compared to the S2/S4? 

    • MidVinter

      Better, sound way better, i used the S4 vanilla and its crap

  • http://www.facebook.com/vicky.audionauts Vicky AudioNauts

    this series had a flaw.. on Mac it would only can be updated firmware from Snow Leopard 10.5… anythings above wont work.. but you can update it on windows.. bottom line this thing could still gives you a bang on your chest when it comes about quality output.. unfortunately onlu MC3000 who had High Output volumes and such a fat low kick and bass.. slap in your face..  

  • David X

    Does this Denon controller have touch sensitive jog wheels like the S4 or numerous CDJs? I like being able to stop the track and scratch it in as if I am touching a record.

    • MidVinter

      yes, it does and you can adjust it to be like jean m jarres lazerharp, stop the music with the hand 10cm over the jogwheel, hahah, kind a cool

  • Soundwavesdj

    So this is great as a mixer too…shh don’t tell the Pioneer guys they get all offended lol remember its DJM or nothing!!

  • Jacobparker06

    I’d like too say, I use the denon mc-6000 and I would say I’m a pretty skilled controllerist on it, I’ll be uploading a promotional video pretty soon.




  • Broughtonsoflondon

    can i use channels 1 & 4 to control my computer with traktor pro 2 as channel 3 broke on boxing day do have to re map it please help as i,m giging new years eve

    • JSM

      yes, depending on the mapping you have, any channel can control anything ….when you say you “broke” channel 3, How did you manage to do that ? Are you meaning the mapping is messed up? If thats the problem just reload the default mapping …and you are all back to normal.

  • illikiwi

    I picked up the denon recently, to alleviate some internet rumors:

    The denon does infact support timecode if you have a copy of traktor SCRATCH, most people dont realize that traktor scratch pro and traktor pro are different software, timecode will never be supported by traktor pro and it is on a completely different upgrade path. Trust me, I had traktor pro, and the cheapest method for getting scratch functionality for me was to buy a traktor duo license and sell the audio 6 that came with it, then upgrade. NI themselves even suggested I sell my legit traktor pro license to get a little money back. Super inconvenient and a load of BULL but ive gotten over it.

    the denon is not cramped as many reviews tend to imply, unless youve got total Goliath hands there shouldnt be any problem with fat finger incidents, im nearly six feet tall, my hands are pretty normal size, and this thing feels great.

    Ive used an s4 and ive got to say that it feels like plastic trash compared to this thing. I do not like the effect on off buttons on the s4, too small and the action isnt very nice. The effect buttons on the denon are large enough that I can pound them with my fingers like I do on my akai, they have the right amount of squishyness and actually click but have really low resistance, I love them.

    For me using a mac it worked right out of the box, but seriously, follow the directions, this thing has so many settings that if you are too stupid to read about what they do you will have problems, it takes two seconds to read a single page in the manual about traktor i/o settings so just do it.

    The action on the jogs is really nice too, the S4 uses a mechanical button press on their ‘vinyl’ jogs much like the pioneer cdj 400′s have, and Im sure that the action will wear out on the s4 just like the cdj400′s do.

    Also the denon’s color change feature to show what deck is selected is awesome, ive used the s4 (I have to friends who own one) and the little light that shows what deck is selected is easy to overlook. Those friends have also had issues with the jog wheels needing to be recalibrated during a gig, which I dont really understand. A third friend of mine has had three s4′s and finally sold the last one because it the line faders continued to break in the same manner repeatedly.

    Also the fact that the s4 is just over the size of a standard 19″ piece of equipment is really annoying to me.

    Just get your hands on one and buy the one you like better, they both rule, my vote is for the denon though!

    • illikiwi

      correction: I bought a traktor SCRATCH duo license to allow me to use timecode, straight traktor will never allow this, it needs to be SCRATCH.

  • Robertatyeo

    mc 6000 COMES WITH LE

  • Rene_23_v

    is the Virtual DJ LE disc that comes with it a Demo, or is it like the pro version?

    • Robertatyeo


  • Jara

    Hi to ALL,

    I want to know, the front knobs, can i change  in smaller? , because it is only one thing that will disapoint me in mc 6000 :)))) Thanks

  • Jara

    Hi to ALL,

    I want to know, the front knobs, can i change  in smaller? , because it is only one thing that will disapoint me in mc 6000 :)))) Thanks

  • Jara

    Hi to ALL,

    I want to know, the front knobs, can i change  in smaller? , because it is only one thing that will disapoint me in mc 6000 :)))) Thanks

  • Jara

    Hi to ALL,

    I want to know, the front knobs, can i change  in smaller? , because it is only one thing that will disapoint me in mc 6000 :)))) Thanks

  • Jara

    Hi to ALL,

    I want to know, the front knobs, can i change  in smaller? , because it is only one thing that will disapoint me in mc 6000 :)))) Thanks

  • DJ 1DER


  • DJ 1DER


  • Cstallons

     Well, I got my MC6000 last week and it is awesome!  Takes a little programming to get it how I like it, but its not bad with the included tsi.  My only complaint is about musictrends (the place I purchased) they had a deal for a free odyssey glide style case, when I got the unit it had the non glide style case.  I contacted them to return it and get the proper case and they change the website as I was on the phone and then said they couldn’t do anything for me, even after I put up a fight and told them I had screenshots of before they changed it. Horrible business practice, great mixer.

  • Cstallons

     Well, I got my MC6000 last week and it is awesome!  Takes a little programming to get it how I like it, but its not bad with the included tsi.  My only complaint is about musictrends (the place I purchased) they had a deal for a free odyssey glide style case, when I got the unit it had the non glide style case.  I contacted them to return it and get the proper case and they change the website as I was on the phone and then said they couldn’t do anything for me, even after I put up a fight and told them I had screenshots of before they changed it. Horrible business practice, great mixer.

  • Enzo

    I’m planning to buy Denon MC6000 hope it won’t dissapoint me.

  • Krayzieleggz561

    I have a questions to ask I have a mc6000 I just wanted 2 know if I get traktor scratch pro or duo that I can have time code vinyl on my 2 technic sl1200mk2 so i can run 4 decks 2 on the mc6000 and 2 on my technics using time code from off traktor scratch will it work?

  • Dapps

    Just adding… It seems you can only “switch” between the two.

  • Dapps

    I’d really like to buy one of these. But no reviewer seems to be able to say if you can mix one track coming from traktor with one track coming from an exteral cdj or vinyl.

    • Djpaulduffy

      yes you can, just use the input select knob at the top of the channel to select the input souce you want to use.

  • Arclyte

    OK Guys, for real… You couldn’t get someone to loan you one of these?  Everyone who comes to this site likes to see a video review with a written one.  I am disappointed because I wanted to SEE Ean run this one through it’s paces.  This is definitely a bummer.  IMHO If you can’t do a video save the single product reviews until you can.       

  • Ludol

    Sorry to say : don’t buy Denon gear for their support. While MC6000 got a firmware update pretty quickly, DN-SC2000 users (like me) are very unhappy with the Denon Support. Denon has released DN-SC2000 before MC6000, but we’re still waiting for a new firmware to fix some major issues. Most of the DN-SC2000 users cant get it to work properly with Traktor (audio glitches, pops, freezes…), and the only reply they got from support team was : “This is because of your computer” !  According to them, there’s no problem with DN-SC2000… yet they promised a new firmware some months ago ! Worst, some people complaining about it on the Denon forum saw their comments deleted (how cool is that ??). Denon consumers are beta-testing the products – lucky people get a firmware release pretty quickly. If you’re willing to spend some money in Denon products, I strongly advise you to have a look at the Denon forum (before they delete all complains). DjTechTools writers, that’s something you could investigate and write about, if you’re willing to review/test DN-SC2000.

  • Rover

     whoa… i just came on this site looking for a review on this unit, and here it is, right on the front page. talk about perfect timing. thanks for the review, the unit did look pretty crowded with all the buttons, and now this confirms it. looks like i should wait for the NS6.

  • http://www.mixingmaryland.com Maryland DJ

    I played with one of these at a Guitar Center. Seemed like it wasn’t bad, but missing the feel of something more durable and “real”

  • Djsee

    I have been concidering the mc 6000 over my s4 due to the mic inputs & the xlr/booth outputs. As long as I will still be able to use my maschine its all good.

  • Arionfrost

    I own this unit, as my first controller, I looked at the S4 but you just can’t beat the build quality of the Denon. The thing is built like a tank. Only problem is finding a decent bag for it. It’s wide, like 17″ or so, and not tall, and most laptop bags are 15-16″… I don’t want to rackmount it because I use it at home as well.

    One other thing: Support is excellent from Denon! There was a bug in the pitch fader firmware that made your pitch jumpy. When forum members brought it up, Denon issued a firmware fix within a month of the issue being reported! Following the firmware update: the pitch faders moved as smooth as butter. You can talk to actual factory reps and tech support guys on the forum at http://www.denondjforums.com.

    Great community going on there. If I ever get around to getting CDJ’s one day, you can bet they are going to be Denon’s. You can’t beat what you get when you buy Denon. Pro build quality and sound at a price that kills the competition.

    • http://soundcloud.com/floordestroyermanila Joey Santos

      they really are quick to issue firmware updates whenever there’s a problem =) prior to the pitch fader update, there was a problem with the jogwheels that caused Traktor to hang which they released an update for ASAP as well

      • JSM

        but i am still waiting for the DN-SC2000 update, which was promised well before the DN-MC6000 was even released.

        So i ended up ordering the S4 from DJTT …

        Way to go Denon … better get it fixed quick or you are likely to get other deserters too ! 

        I love the build etc. of the Denon, but they have forgotten about us SC2000 users who are affected by exactly the same bug ! (same fader, some componets, same device practically!)

    • Papa Djee

      I use a bag from American Audio for the vms4. It fit perfectly.

    • DJAR

      You might want to check out Gator G-Club Control DJ bag for $79.99, it fits the Denon perfectly aswell as the NI S4.

  • QA

    Regarding the jogs and pitch faders, the short review didn’t mention what their resolution is like. If the pitch faders are just 7-bit MIDI, they are pretty much useless for manual beatmatching. So how are they?

    • http://soundcloud.com/floordestroyermanila Joey Santos

      the jogwheel pulse resolution is 2,048 (the S4 is 1000) and the pitch faders are 14-bit according to the product description =)

      • QA

        Sounds great, thanks Joey!

  • http://profiles.google.com/thejordand Jordan Smith

    When you guys do get in touch with Denon, I’d love to see reviews of the X1600 and the X1700. I’m sure other DJTT regulars would too.

  • Raedonquan

    I bought the S4 in November then the Mc6000 in December. The S4 is no doubt the best midi controller for Traktor. I use the Mc for Ssl w/vsl in internal mode. To me thats the best combo for video dj. With the help from a fellow serato forum member i got tje platters to work with the Mc.

    You can see my youtube vids on it working

    just look for djbroray

  • Jonbeattie

    About time…The MC6000 is an excellent bit of kit! I love what Denon do, no kicking the arse out of marketing their products, they dont have to, they speak for themselves…and it keeps the cost down for us, unlike Pioneer, who charge way over the odds. Great support from Silvio, and the guys on denondjforums too. Shame DJTT where so transparent in keeping NI sweet, they must have shit themselves when they seen this coming. Well done Denon!

  • DJ Joe

    Xone DX is better..cheaper, simpler and to the point..awesome sound

  • Maximus Moretta

    THE BAD! :
    Won’t run via USB bus power alone …. Neither does the S4 LOL! I don’t see what bad with this ? Two things if your computer Crashes! Oh there goes The power! Dumb! Dumb! and if it ain’t AC powered it would defeat of it being a stand alone mixer…

    • http://soundcloud.com/floordestroyermanila Joey Santos

      you can run the Kontrol S4 via the USB bus power =) check out the review here http://www.djtechtools.com/2010/11/01/native-instruments-traktor-kontrol-s4-review/

      • Maximus Moretta

        yes, I get that but if you computer crashes, you’re SOL too! LOL! Hey I was thinking about buying S4 too but I went with the 6000; Flexibility is the key to success all the in’s and out’s on that thing is awesome! and without traktor S4 does work vs 6000 works with mostly all programs out there TSP2, VDJ, SSL etc…Flexibility!

    • DannyGee2026

      Yes it does did it over the weekend. The only difference is that the lights on the unit are not as bright and the headphone volume is a little lower than normal. But it functions the same.

      • Maximus Moretta

        Really? I’ll try it… Thanks @DannyGee2026

      • Maximus Moretta

        Really? I’ll try it… Thanks @DannyGee2026

  • NI S4 Owner

    The knob doesn’t feel as solid as the rest of the unit, leaving a flimsy and cheap “plasticky” impression.”

    I’m getting the distinct impression that DJTT is biast towards Native Instruments for the simple fact that this was not said about the S4.



    Without mentioning the other biast rants about the S4 being perfect.

    Compare the two reviews side by side before dismissing my comment because it is
    obvious that something is going on here.

    • Dur

      Duh?? DJTT is a mouthpiece for NI.

      All of shiftee’s content here is based around the fact he’s on the NI payroll. etc etc etc

      • Pm

        Why bother reading and posting if you hate DJTT so much?

        • Marvin

          Exactly. Stop hating so much. I don’t even own a controller, nor would I ever- die hard vinyl fan, but I’m always curious about what is happening in technology. And so I visit DJtech quite often, always finding what I’m looking for- a pretty emotional view about digital DJing.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/PaulHolland-DoubleDutchdj/100001027166218 PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

            Well said, his paranoid rant of pointless points really shows how threatened he is by what Ean has achieved. So what if Ean is bias towards stuff that he sells, good luck to him! What Techtools have achieved in it’s short life is to be respected, considering how much traffic this site gets Ean could of easily made more money by selling out in other ways than just whoring him self to NI, but of course old clever clogs narrow little mind is shoved so far up his own ass he is unable to see past his heavily blinkered point of view. 

            Reviews are opinions any way, some will lap up that opinion others will make up there own mind. Why people get so paranoid about what Techtools are up too in regards to there online shop is a sad reflection on that persons character and stance on life.

            “Dear Mr self proclaimed international superstar”

            Doesn’t he get how he’s helping to full fill the criteria for Ean to be a celebrity in his own right. You know your a success when people copy you, respect you, defend you and most of all heap blind hate on you. Which is always gonna happen when your one of the leaders in your own field, 

            Lets open a dialect with this confused soul so we can help understand why he is so upset by Ean gathering a mass of sheep/lemmings or followers? and why can’t he except a different take’s on dj’n?

            Dude why are you so paranoid about made up shit!

            Please spare yourself the continued embarrassment of just brushing me off with, “is it cozy down there by Eans nuts” do your self a favor and try and mount a respectable collection of words that actually make sense instead of paranoid garbage.

      • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

        you are spot on again Mr Dur! That reminds me I need to go pick up my check from NI- they owe me another $300k for this article.You are also right about shiftee, we regularly ignore or outright dismiss djs that are also doing cutting edge things with laptops if they are NOT using traktor. P.S. Can someone help me delete all the Serato and Ableton content we have posted- that is probably not helping our Traktor world domination agenda.

        Will my least favorite Troll ever find anything to do with his life other than post obnoxious comments on our blog? How about creating a great Dj video of your own- and step out from behind that cowardly cloak of internet anonymity?

        • http://www.soundcloud.com/the-urbanizer The Urbanizer

          perhaps dur works for Denon.. OK just a thought ;)

        • Dur

          Dear Mr self proclaimed international superstar.

          I never said you took money for articles. Because lets be honest who’d pay you for the abundance of repackaged youtube content?

          I said you were a mouthpiece for NI and you are. Just like the kids who dangle from your ballsack are a mouthpiece for you and “controllerism” Do you pay them?

          You could just start selling Serato or Torq box’s in your store and shut everyone up over the NI thing.

          Why do you assume I am hiding from you?

          Ive already told you what a creeper you are for seeking personal information (ie facebook) of people who disagree with you. (That’s a tactic of brutally oppressive governments) Im 750lbs addicted to DWTS and havent been laid since 1981. Can you sleep at night now wierdo?

          No one’s hiding anything, Ive said it before i’ll say it again.


          • Dur

            im glad i could stop shoveling mayonnaise down long enough to write that!! now im sweating.

          • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

            Dude, seriously, find another site to troll on. Everyone here is really way to busy re-defining the future of djing to get into a flame war with a random anonymous hater. Start posting some constructive comments under a real identify (we don’t do anything with the information at all) or your content will be deleted. Posting here is a privilege- not a right. If you truly have such a massive problem with me, then call me up and lets discuss it further. Better, yet, come into the office and talk about it face to face like a real gentleman.

            This will be the last time I respond to you personally, please go back to being a constructive part of this community.

          • Smegma-Head

            Last time I watched the D in DJ-ing still stood for Disc and not Digital. Why don’t you guys find a name on your own. I mean you always read how this new tech give you more freedom/creativity. So then use that creativity and come up with a proper name for your art…

          • Dumfounded of Luton

            At the risk of adding fuel to this pathetic attack on Ean … The name is “Controllerism” and when the booking agents start using the term rather then adding “DJ” in front of everyones name, perhaps you’ll start to see it on flyers. Only then will the public think about adopting a new name.

            VDJ’s have been around a long time and you still don’t see that title very often.

            So Mr Smegma_Head could you give me a title for the mixture of media i use in a performance, real 7″ 45′s, 12″s, LP’s, DVS, and the digital side supplied by over 120 buttons, faders and rotaries

            …. i’ve never called myself a DJ in 25 years

            … perhaps thats where i’ve been going wrong …  

          • Smegma-Head

            Call whatever you wanna call yourself. I never added DJ to my alias, because I do more than just mixing music on discs. So DJ was not a good enough description for my craft. As it is in your case. But everyone is entitled to his own subjective opinion. Or are you the ultimate holder of the truth? Legitamed by the holy spaghetti-monster? 

          • JSM

            Can someone help me out here?

            I have no idea what this person is going on about …

          • Dannygee2026

            Ean don’t even waste your time with this idiot! Obviously he is a typical punk who likes to hide behind technology and try to come off like he is all intelligent. What you forgot he wishes in his wildest dreams that he learned. Isnt it funny how he talks all this nonsense and he won’t even post his real name / let’s get real here. Typical loser!

          • Smegma-Head

            “Obviously he is a typical punk who likes to hide behind technology and try to come off like he is all intelligent” this reminds me of a so-called new breed of ”DJs” LOL 

      • SmiTTTen

        All of shiftee’s content here is based around the fact he’s on the NI payroll. etc etc etc”

        – Couldn’t sound any more like you were even boring yourself.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573361178 Matías J. Padilla

        You are not considering the posibility that it might be a friend of his, you know, like normal people do. BTW, you forgot about Q Bert vids

    • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

      The s4 knobs do not feel like plastic- they are a well made rubber material. I cant speak to this controller because I did not review or test it- someone else did. That was their independent and personal observation, so how could there be any related bias?

      • http://www.facebook.com/josh.kennedy2 Josh Kennedy

        you beat me to it ean.

      • NI S4 Owner

        Ok rephrase then, why wasn’t anything said about the overall plastic feel of the S4. The nobs are actually quite nice, my last post was not worded properly. Also, when I say bias, I’m not referring to disliking it but rather favoring it.

        I only respect hardware review websites (which in a way, is what DJTT is) that show no signs of bias towards any specific company, no matter what it is. That includes ignoring issues. The best review websites tear apart hardware and tell you everything there is to know about it, whether its going to severely affect the sales of that company or not. Those are the kind of reviews that have the ability to force a company to re-design potential flaws and faults in future hardware releases and can even force better business practices for its consumers. Not addressing hardware issues by simply ignoring them is bad practice and so is not telling that company’s followers about it too. But from a business sense, I’m sure as long as it’s not going to affect sales it’s probably a great money saver (by using old or cheap to purchase hardware stocks rather than re-designing or finding alternative hardware) as long as the majority of that company’s followers don’t find out. The people that find out the hard way by sinking a large amount of money into that company’s product and getting stung by bad hardware quality or design flaws. They are the people that loose faith in your website and the companies associated with it.

        After fifteen years of pc building, I can honestly say that there can be no favoritism when choosing hardware of any kind and just because you review other hardware, does not mean your un-biast.

        Even if you don’t do pc’s and are not interested at all in that subject field. Check out this website, this is a real review website www.anandtech.com/ by reading a few reviews you can really tell the difference. What review website would mention past law suits and anti-trust cases against a company if they where bias towards it. But ignoring issues from one specific company is bias.

        • NI S4 Owner

          Before you go on a keyboard rampage, defending yourself against my text attack. Re-read what I’ve written a couple of times and take the time to absorb my point of view before forming your argument. I respect people allot more for doing this.

          • Durka durka

            You mad 

          • http://www.facebook.com/warren.allen.4 Warren Potter Allen IV

            haha you’re just trying to frustrate ean.  if you would read the review you would see DJTT understands what you are saying. oh and re-read it. lol  

          • NI S4 Owner

             Not only did you not read what I’d written because I repetitively stated that I was not trying to piss off ean, but your also stupid enough to post your full name on a website? It took me less than 60 seconds to find your facebook, home address and phone number.

        • http://www.eangolden.com Ean Golden

          ever reviewer always has some personal opinion or Bias- to say they dont is just being ignorant. It’s the reviewers job to put aside that bias or opinion and present the facts based on their personal observation and discovery process. I have been “tearing apart” dj gear for over 6 years for many different publications including this site and we always give every product the same hard look. Am I perfect- no, but am I damn good reviewer that is highly qualified to give people a inside look at products from my personal perspective- yes. If you can find us a better qualified reviewer with zero bias that can write for this site- please, please, please, please introduce them to me asap. I will give them my job on the spot. The problem? People want to hear my opinions, because they know that I really know the technology and will find problems before anyone else.

          - BTW, no, I don’t think the S4 is “plastiky” and neither do most other people that own it.

          • NI S4 Owner

            Ok, well trying to work with your opinion… the only conclusion I can come to is that your hardware reviews need to be more thorough.  Reviewing the top of the deck is only half of the story, rip that fucker up and pull its guts out, tell us whats inside it and how good those parts are.  If you really are keen on being the professional reviewer you say you are that is.

            Would you buy a car based on its looks and features? But the real question is, are you willing to step on companies toes to be one. Prove to us, the people, the people that drive your industry, that you are un-biast. If you really know the technology like you say and are willing to do your job as a reviewer by finding problems before anyone elce, then prove it.
            Rip that fucker up and pull its guts out, tell us whats inside it and how good/bad those parts are.

            -BTW, I’m not trying to piss you off or make you angry by insulting what you do and how you do it. I just want you to improve on what your already doing.

          • NI S4 Owner

             No reply, just as I was expecting

          • NI S4 Owner

             No reply, just as I was expecting

      • NI S4 Owner

         Still waiting for a reply

  • FUFR

    “No loop length display ala Kontrol S4″

    Which is not needed because you’ll bring your vidscreen anyway

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000412374804 Igor Warzocha

    love the footnote

  • http://www.facebook.com/ktit.disco Kay Tit

    What’s with all the DJ hardware companies thinking that I suddenly want to lug around a cramped 4-channel mixer when there are mixers at clubs??

    • Dur

      Big “all-in-one” Controllers are ment for bedroom DJ’s.

      Its impossible to sell a $900 TV tray with plastic knobs to someone who can step up at any venue whip out a flash drive/cd and play on whatever cdj/TT or dvs is present.

      companies know this and thats why Big “all-in-one” Controllers are ment for bedroom DJ’s.

      Infact DJTT is one of the biggest names directly marketing to and aimed at bedroom DJ’s.

      • Pm

        Might wanna try basing your comments on facts; Porter Robinson is one of the many DJs that use “TV trays” in clubs.


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Reynolds/748309866 Grant Reynolds

          Im all for midi controllers and controllerism but Porter is an absolute terrible example. He was a producer that couldnt DJ, Started to get popular and needed to “play out” to play his tracks, so he go an S4 because he couldnt DJ..

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573361178 Matías J. Padilla

            Pete Tong, Modeselektor, Dubfire (sometimes), Bloody Beetroots, Francois K, Joaquin Clausell, Danny Krivi, just to name a phew, all bedroom DJs who can’t beatmatch, right?

            Couple of them are known sponsored artists but I highly doubt they would risk having their TV tray put in jeopardy the integrity of their sets.

            Just send a tech rider to the promoter and the space will be there when you play.

            What about the NS7?

      • Maximus Moretta

         Damn Dur you really are a troll…LOL!Theyr’re Damn if they do, And there damn if they don’t uh? no one can ever do rite by you uh ? LOL!

    • ToOntown

      there are mobile DJs too. also DJs who want to use their own controllers in clubs is becoming much more popular. don’t fail to recognize that not everyone wants to use CDJs now that there are 4 channel midi controllers out there.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ktit.disco Kay Tit

        Yeah, I guess this controller is useful for Mobile DJs but like the S4 it is presented as if it’s made for Club DJs.

        Also, using your own MIDI controller at a club instead of CDjs or turntables makes sense. I do so, too. But for me it makes more sense (and fun) to use the controller for transport and effects only and mix completely externally.

    • Arclyte

      Kay Tit, you open a night for a big name and you will be oh so thankful to have one of these.  Some of the big name folks can be a little… “touchy” about their setup.   You run this into an empty channel (hell even an aux bus) play your gig and at the end of the night no one will look at you if something goes wrong during the headliners set.  You didn’t touch their CDJs, or really any of their mixer settings.  Hell I made one sound tech even set the level on the main mixer so I would not be blamed for shit.  You have one of these bad boys or an xone:dx and you are in and out with very little fuss (and you didn’t take up much space either). (hell even an aux bus) play your gig and at the end of the night no one will look at you if something goes wrong during the headliners set.  You didn’t touch their CDJs, or really any of their mixer settings.  Hell I made one sound tech even set the level on the main mixer so I would not be blamed for shit.  You have one of these bad boys or an xone:dx and you are in and out with very little fuss (and you didn’t take up much space either).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sander-Krokodilen-Sebton/684856713 Sander Krokodilen Sebton

    5/5 times i landed here when i clicked random post…

  • http://www.carpo.dk Carsten Poulsen

    It is a great controller for mobile jobs. Easy to use, and I have no problems with the limited space around – the mic input (sound) are realy great.
    I love the 19″ mount!

    • http://soundcloud.com/floordestroyermanila Joey Santos

      right i forgot that it’s rackmountable! the unit actually ships with a pair of rackmount ears :)

  • DJAR

    Great review. I own both the Denon DN-MC6000 and the Traktor Kontrol S4. The Denon is by far one of the best controllers period. While the S4 works seamless with Traktor Pro2, the Denon takes the lead in everything else. It is built solid, has great sound quality and you can use it in a club or mobile setup. I use it with Traktor Pro2 and it works flawless. It also works flawless with the supplied Virtual DJ7LE straight out the box. I use the Denon for my mobile gigs. It is an awesome product.

  • 4321djgear

    Denon is my favorite. I feel kind of guilty buying my Kontrol S4 instead of a X1700. I’m sure the guilt will subside when the S4 shows up tomorrow!

  • Maximus Moretta

    Super Midi Controller/ Mixer!
    If you Mix with any professional grade DJ software i.e. Virtual DJ, Serato Scratch Live or Traktor etc. and yes I can probably hear the mumbling now…but I would say outside the tri-state area people actually use other programs other than Serato. but back to the topic at hand.The DN-MC6000 is an awesome Midi Controller/ Mixer solution for any Mobile or Club DJ. To say this is just for the mobile DJ is simply just short selling the hardware. For a Midi Controller/ Mixer that is nativity supported by both Traktor and Virtual DJ and mappable to other DJ software Serato Scratch Live etc, it give the DJ a limitless possibility to expand your DJ rig for example on Virtual DJ you have the ability of running four external players of your choice; CDJs/ 3700s/ turntables etc. and two internal decks if mapped correctly. having a total of 6 controllable decks. Lets not forget about all the buttons/ faders/ and knobs that can be reprogram do whatever you can image! As far as build Quality goes it made by DENON need I as more! a 100 years in the making, for anyone that has own DENON equipment before know that DENON equipment is build rock solid. It has solid knobs, levers, dials, very responsive jog wheels (and with the latest firmware update it give you a tighter Time code than Serato Scratch Live, So if you’re looking to buy yourself a new mixer and or a Midi Controller the DN-MC6000 is for you! at 2/3 the price/ and a ton more bells and whistles than a standard Club Mixer.

    • Everyone was thinking it

      Virtual DJ is not professional level software

      • Maximus Moretta

        you let me know when the “Status quo” said it….LOL! 

      • Chris

        I use it and I’m a pro getting paid more than most DJ’s – I’ve played alongside some of the biggest names in the business, there you go case closed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/PaulHolland-DoubleDutchdj/100001027166218 PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    My perfect controller would be something in between an S4 and MC6000. After years of lugging vinyl or even battle mixers and 1210′s to clubs a heavy controller is simply not an issue, especially if it means it’s not 98% plastic like the S4. The routing input, output and mic options on the Denon kicks ass too.

    S4 layout/DVS friendly with MC6000 pro build/better soundcard options = win

    • http://twitter.com/KLOSELINE KLOSELINE

      its not a club if you have to bring your own decks :)) Don’t take it too seriously ;)

    • Jenhenry

      top comment paulholland here here

    • fufr

      Dont forget the laptop hiding feature of the new pioneer controller and a cup holder

  • bombast

    I almost bought this controller, but I found this site and ended up getting the S4/TMA-1 bundle. I still think this looks sick though, maybe a little more sturdy than the S4. I like the S4 layout a bit better though….I think it comes down to preferences. They’re both in the same price range, and they both have trade offs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Denis-Nagrineac/1590971520 Denis Nagrineac

    i have one of this and now that i maked my own .tsi file, its perfect!!

    • http://soundcloud.com/floordestroyermanila Joey Santos

      are you using Traktor 2? :) i tried Viper’s mapping where decks C and D are sample decks! fun stuff

      • Chil

        imho the unit rocks!
        compared to s4 the ni unit is just a piece of plastic toy.

        “No loop length display ala Kontrol S4″

        right BUT you can easily use the line volume leds for the loop length this is working perfectly.

        the one and only disadvantage of the mc6000 is that it does not have an own timecode like the s4.
        nor the wheels are supported as perfect in traktor than other sw does. but this is due to native instruments.


  • DjWindzOne

    Denon’s gear has seriously stepped since the DN-S3700 came out and they updated with Hybrid mode. I own the DN-HC1000S for SSL, and had issues before they updated the firmware. But it is a VERY solid piece of gear for an SSL user (as myself).

    So far, the MC6000 looks to be a really solid controller. As big as it is, it looks like it can take on the the club enviroment a bit better. And with a few hacks in the tsi file, it has platter control for SSL in INT mode (Go look for that vid on youtube). . I’m looking forward to buying this in the DISTANT future (Tax season. . .again!), along with TP2 upgrade. . .and along with the fact that I bought VDJ Pro 7 from my friend (he purchased TSP before TP2 was announced >_< ), I'll have ALL digital set-ups for ANY gig I want!

    Just wish there was a video review of this. . .but great review. . .

    ATTN DENON: Give DJTT a chance. . .It can only get better for you in the long run.

    • http://soundcloud.com/floordestroyermanila Joey Santos

      you’re right in saying it’s a solid piece for the club! :) DJTT just needs an actual unit from Denon so Ean can do his review!

  • http://www.djpc3.com DJ PC3

    Great Review! And the fact that this thing is rack mountable is great for mobile DJs, I know a few guys who picked it up and a love it.

    Denon has some real good gear and I am glad to see them start to get recognized for their good products. And I give them props for putting up 2 software choices (even if the second choice isn’t my favorite [VDJ])

    All I can say is that I wish they would have had this controller when I first started getting into controllerism… would’ve been a perfect buy.

  • Killerfanatics

    I always go back and forth between the two when I go to GC. It’d be nice to see a video review. As always, top notch stuff guys. Keep up the good work.